Sunday, November 26, 2006

Silly thoughts

You know what it's like when you see people in certain conditions, without knowing the whole context? Like when you see someone talking to themselves before you realize they're on a blue-tooth phone?

That's what I thought of when I took these photos at my friends' Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know these young guys, but they were part of the friends' family.

Now, just imagine telling guys this age to go outside and make up a dance like this. They would tell you you're crazy! But put a ball in the air, and it all makes sense, in a ballet kind of way.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dainty, aren't they?? LOL!


FrenziedFeline said...


That's too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

I like it. I like it. Oh, that's great.

Kuky said...

Ha ha ha ha!!

drlobojo said...

That's why some NFL teams teach rudimentary ballet to their players.