Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've been memed!

I've been memed by that big osu fan, Erudite Redneck! And I'm tagging Tech, Drlobojo, Junior The Bear, and anyone else who wants to play, too!

1. Five names you go by:
a) My real name
b) Trixie
c) Zerelda
d) Mini-me
e) "Crash"

2. Three things you are wearing right now:
a) A white sweatshirt
b) Blue sweat pants
c) Red -n- white checked tennis shoes.

3. Two things you want very badly at the moment:
a) A Diet Coke
b) To get out of this here town to a better place.

4. Three people who will probably fill this out:
I hope Tech, maybe Drlobojo, and I would love it if my friend Junior The Bear did.

5. Two things you did last night:
a)Went through a box sorting out various connectors, wires, antennae, transformers and phone cords.
b)Cut out a jacket I'm working on today between other things.

6. Two things you ate today:
a) Dressing.
b) Turkey and noodles

7. Two people you last talked to on the phone:
a) Co-Worker Sharon.
b) Friend Dee.

8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
a) County Commissioners meeting in the morning
b) City Commissioners meeting in the afternoon. Then I'll be out of commission. (ers)

9. Two longest car rides:
a) From my hometown 21 miles from Oklahoma's north central border to Vancouver, British Columbia, then east through Canada land, down through North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri (detour to relatives), Kansas and home.
b) Hometown to Seattle, Wash., to Vancouver, B.C., back through Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Texas Panhandle and home. We took BIG driving vacations every year when I was a kid.

10. Two of your favorite beverages:
a) Diet Coke
b) On rare occasions, a Sonic chocolate/cherry Diet Coke.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Late Sunday evening

Hi there, I figure it's time for me to check in again. It's been a week of limbo. I had the echocardiogram and the carotid artery doppler exams last Tuesday and the MRI will be done in the morning. The doctor added Plavix to my mix of meds -- the WD-40 of red blood cells to keep things from clumping together and forming a blood clot. I can feel a difference -- don't know that I should, necessarily, but I do. My blood pressure is down CONSIDERABLY. It was 130/70 today which is a great improvement from the 220/117 less than a week ago.

I don't mean for this to become an organ recital. I am truly looking for the best news out of this situation. Good bits of news: I am cutting back on my working hours. I didn't work on Saturday and the orders are not to work more than 40 hours a week any more. I've gotten tons of cards from friends and people who are concerned about me, which is nice (and surprising. I really didn't expect that). Also tons of phone calls.

Funny story about the phone calls -- I'm supposed to be trying to rest, so I missed answering a few this afternoon. I've also been doing some sewing this weekend and at one point had taken off my jeans to try on a skirt I was working on. It fell off me, so as I was trying to pin some deeper darts in the waistband, my cell phone rang. I went to grab it, sans pants, and for the next FOUR HOURS I was on the phone constantly. I was getting COLD!

And people were fussing at me. "Well, I hadn't heard from you so I thought I'd check to see if you were dead." "I sent you a card, but I didn't hear anything so I didn't know if you got it."

People, I love you, but please. If your goal is to make me feel better, please don't fuss at me right now. It's not helping.

I hope you all are planning great Thanksgiving feasts. I have an invite to join friends for lunch. I miss making a big meal but there are definite pluses to being a guest. Whichever you are this year, count your blessings!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two down, one to go

I don't know what I was thinking, but I mixed up the order of the tests I'm taking. Today I had the echocardiogram and the carotid artery dopplers, since they are both ultrasound tests. We did them at the same time on the same table -- just moved the goo around from the chest to the neck. Easy peasy tests. Now what they show? I don't know. I just know they are expensive and the hospital asked if I wanted to pay my couple a' thousand today to get the 20 percent discount. Der, um, NO. They ought to give that discount to those of us who CAN'T pay thousands at the drop of a hat!

The MRI will be next Monday.

Meanwhile, I'll spend the bulk of today at home.

It has not been a good day for my co-workers. One co-worker, whose mother is fighting cancer, called me at 6 a.m. to let me know they were on their way to the emergency room again and we'd probably all be at the hospital at the same time. After my tests were over, I checked and they had gone home. I called her and found out my boss had taken her son to the emergency room for food poisoning and had left the E.R. about the time co-worker and her mom arrived. So, that is three of us out today. Don't know who's going to provide the news for today, but I cannot worry about it.

And if you wonder -- they heated the ultrasound goo so it felt pretty nice, a nd it smells like baby powder. Certainly nicer than the cold wet goo from my last ultrasound many years ago. Now that's an improvement, baby!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tuesday's Tests

In the morning I will have an MRI and an echocardiogram.

The changes in my medications have brought my blood pressure down significantly over the past few days, but it's still not in the optimal range. However, the drop is significant enough that it leaves me sleepy. My blood sugar levels are still high but showing some improvement too.

We'll know more after all the test results are back, of course. I am adjusting to a less vigorous schedule. I hope to find out if I am successful at finding some balance.

I've scheduled myself off tomorrow except for a couple of hours to cover a planning commission meeting in the early evening. I know, you all wish you were me.

It's crazy, but I actually enjoy attending these meetings and there will be some significant business handled Tuesday night. I just can't stay away.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad news from the doctor today

The verdict at the doctor's office this morning was that I had a TIA (mini stroke) on Monday during the announcement about free city-wide wireless internet. The mayor was speaking when my whole right side went numb. I was writing notes furiously and suddenly became afraid that I was going to drop my pen. I knew if that happened I would not be able to pick it up.

It lasted only a few seconds --I actually never missed writing anything. And had I fallen over and hit the floor, all the ambulances and EMTs in town were right there in the same room with me, demonstrating the wireless mesh system.

After the announcement, I proceeded to City Hall to cover the city commissioners meeting.

What. A. Woman.

Tuesday when I got to work I didn't say anything because my boss's husband had a stroke Monday afternoon and everyone was talking about him. I couldn't really go and be a copy cat, right? So Tuesday I continued working and covered a lengthy evening meeting, after a long interview with the superintendent of schools Tuesday afternoon.

And, etc.

Yesterday I finally called and said I had to get in to the doctor today, and they got me in.

I have some residual right-side weakness and I'm scheduled for an MRI, echocardiogram and carotid artery dopplers before returning to the doctor's office on Dec. 2.

There will be huge changes coming -- first is they have ordered me to cut back to no more than 40 hours of work a week.
That will be a HUGE change from the 56 to 61 hours I work now.

The motto is: Work KILLS.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In support of love

I just opened an e-mail from my cousin Michael, a gay man in California, with this link. Unlike Olbermann, I don't have to think hard to come up with the name of a gay person in my family or among my friends. I have had many, many gay friends throughout my life, and, indeed, many of my closest friends now are gay.

Michael and his partner John had hoped to marry this fall before Michael had to undergo some radical surgery and treatment for cancer. They postponed their wedding; now, with the passage of Proposition 8, they may not be able to marry until and unless it is overturned.

Two of my women friends here went to California in October to be married. The irony is they received their marriage certificate in the mail last Tuesday, the day Proposition 8 was passed. They, at least, have their certificate.

I am not gay. I am a straight, single female, divorced by choice and circumstance -- once married to a man, who, although not gay, was dealing with his own gender identity problems. The man I married no longer exists. Instead, the person I married is somewhere out there, living as a woman. I do not know where she is. I do not know if she is even still alive. Our lives are no longer connected, by my choice. All I can say is that I hope that person has found peace and love out there somewhere.

And I hope someday I find love too. Love everlasting, like Michael and John. Love everlasting, like Patricia and Gloria. Love everlasting, like Ron and John. Love everlasting, like Mildred and Donna. Love everlasting. Love recognized. Love that is stronger than disapproval from people who really don't even have a reason or a right to care or judge.Simply, love.

What business is it of ANYONE to deny anyone the right to love and marriage? What I don't understand is how two consenting adults loving each other threatens anyone else.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chicken and Noodles

I'm making my chicken and noodles tonight. I was going to make them last night but cratered before I had the chance. I've also been cleaning my kitchen, trying to eliminate "The Smell" I posted about previously. My fingers are getting pruney, but I'm enjoying a little domestic bliss this evening.

It seems so late, since the time change. It just gets dark so early now, but I guess I better get used to it now.

It's been kind of a productive day -- several loads of laundry done, plus I've been going through things and throwing out what I can. There's so much clutter, but I've made a dent in it. You will be glad to know that I found my third- and fourth-grade science reports, several junior high honors and my incredibly high Iowa test scores from ninth grade, just in case I have to prove something to someone some day.

I also found some photos and some greeting cards that I will be able to use before long. I once had the luxury of stocking up on such things -- it comes in handy now!

In my purging stage, I've made several trips out to the garbage cans. The sanitation truck will appreciate my efforts tomorrow.

I'm also thinking about making a skirt tonight. There are so many pretty and interesting new patterns -- I am addicted to this site: Sewing Pattern Absolutely addicted! Any of you who sew clothing might want to take a good look around there.

Alas, although I would love to try some of the new patterns, I have to use what is in my stash right now for economy's sake. The nice thing is, some of the details I am seeing in the new patterns can be used with what I have, with a little ingenuity. You might think that someone with incredibly high ninth-grade Iowa test scores could figure out some of this stuff.

We'll see!

Someone please explain

Explain to me, please, how I can spend such few hours at home during the week (Monday through Saturday) and yet there is more housework to do on Sunday than I can possibly get done? Does the house dirty itself while I'm gone trying to make enough money to keep the utilities on? Not fair!

The math just doesn't add up. One person x 7 days should not equal four loads of laundry and two dishwashers full of dishes!

And please. Someone check out the peculiar smell in the kitchen for me. I'm afraid to look!

(Note: Please do not call adult protective services on me or code enforcement. Some statements could be slightly exaggerated for effect. Or not. And I'm not tellin'.)

Seriously. What IS THAT SMELL?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In Honor of President-Elect Barack Obama

Voting can be very interesting

I've never had such an interesting time at the polls! First, there was a woman there who was obviously distressed, crying as she went to put her ballot in the machine. A county election official was at the machine and asked the woman to put her ballot in the alternate slot so it could be hand-counted because there was some adjustment or check she was making to the machine. Anyway, this crying woman finally got her ballot put in and on the way out shouted "Everyone needs to pray because things are really messed up in this nation!" OK...
Meanwhile, a woman in front of me was not on the poll book. She whines "But I always come back here to vote!" Uh. Seems she's moved a few times since the last election. The poll workers called the county election office and discover the woman is now registered to vote at the technical school on the other side of town. "Oh!" she said. I don't know if they sent her away or allowed her to vote. I was ready to sign the book when a police officer showed up. All the election officials looked at him stupidly. Then he asked if the woman in black who just left was the one they called about. "Yes," one of them said. That's all. "Well, I can't hold her if I don't know what happened." Waits for answer. None is forthcoming. "So, is everything OK then?" he finally asks. They stare at him. Someone finally says they asked her to talk to the county election official who was there with the machine, but she wouldn't say anything.

"ohhhKay, then. I guess everything is OK," the patient officer says as he leaves.

I sign the book, and a second officer stops by on the same call. Asks if everything is OK and the poll watchers again are just sitting there looking at him.Like a cop always shows up on election day. Finally one of them says "Another officer was just here about that," one finally says.

"So, everything is OK now?" he asks.

"I guess," the poll watcher says.

I step over to my fine plywood voting booth, support it with my foot so it won't rock while I'm marking my ballot with the super official special pen. I finish and head to the machine with it. I turn in my pen to one of the dense poll watchers who is talking to the woman at the book who has failed to reregister. I say "Here's your pen back" and go ahead and insert my ballot. It says I am No. 13 for the morning. I wonder how accurate that is... just 13 in an hour? With all that's already happened? Anyway, I wait for my "I Voted" sticker. Pollwatcher finally looks at me and hands me a sticker. I turn to leave and she shouts at me "DID YOU TURN YOUR PEN IN? WHERE IS YOUR PEN?"

I snap back around and told her I had put it right in front of her while she was paying attention to the other people and ignoring me. Then I left.

It was all very exciting.

Happy Election Day!

If you haven't voted already, GET OUT THERE and do the right thing. This is our future we're talking about. No excuses. Vote!