Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In support of love

I just opened an e-mail from my cousin Michael, a gay man in California, with this link. Unlike Olbermann, I don't have to think hard to come up with the name of a gay person in my family or among my friends. I have had many, many gay friends throughout my life, and, indeed, many of my closest friends now are gay.

Michael and his partner John had hoped to marry this fall before Michael had to undergo some radical surgery and treatment for cancer. They postponed their wedding; now, with the passage of Proposition 8, they may not be able to marry until and unless it is overturned.

Two of my women friends here went to California in October to be married. The irony is they received their marriage certificate in the mail last Tuesday, the day Proposition 8 was passed. They, at least, have their certificate.

I am not gay. I am a straight, single female, divorced by choice and circumstance -- once married to a man, who, although not gay, was dealing with his own gender identity problems. The man I married no longer exists. Instead, the person I married is somewhere out there, living as a woman. I do not know where she is. I do not know if she is even still alive. Our lives are no longer connected, by my choice. All I can say is that I hope that person has found peace and love out there somewhere.

And I hope someday I find love too. Love everlasting, like Michael and John. Love everlasting, like Patricia and Gloria. Love everlasting, like Ron and John. Love everlasting, like Mildred and Donna. Love everlasting. Love recognized. Love that is stronger than disapproval from people who really don't even have a reason or a right to care or judge.Simply, love.

What business is it of ANYONE to deny anyone the right to love and marriage? What I don't understand is how two consenting adults loving each other threatens anyone else.


Sarabeth said...

I love you for that, Trixie. What you said was so true.

Tracy said...

So true and so well said!

(Now watch your back - you know how red it is here? McCain carried the largest margin in our state AND every single county.)

Kirsten said...

Amen, sister.