Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting can be very interesting

I've never had such an interesting time at the polls! First, there was a woman there who was obviously distressed, crying as she went to put her ballot in the machine. A county election official was at the machine and asked the woman to put her ballot in the alternate slot so it could be hand-counted because there was some adjustment or check she was making to the machine. Anyway, this crying woman finally got her ballot put in and on the way out shouted "Everyone needs to pray because things are really messed up in this nation!" OK...
Meanwhile, a woman in front of me was not on the poll book. She whines "But I always come back here to vote!" Uh. Seems she's moved a few times since the last election. The poll workers called the county election office and discover the woman is now registered to vote at the technical school on the other side of town. "Oh!" she said. I don't know if they sent her away or allowed her to vote. I was ready to sign the book when a police officer showed up. All the election officials looked at him stupidly. Then he asked if the woman in black who just left was the one they called about. "Yes," one of them said. That's all. "Well, I can't hold her if I don't know what happened." Waits for answer. None is forthcoming. "So, is everything OK then?" he finally asks. They stare at him. Someone finally says they asked her to talk to the county election official who was there with the machine, but she wouldn't say anything.

"ohhhKay, then. I guess everything is OK," the patient officer says as he leaves.

I sign the book, and a second officer stops by on the same call. Asks if everything is OK and the poll watchers again are just sitting there looking at him.Like a cop always shows up on election day. Finally one of them says "Another officer was just here about that," one finally says.

"So, everything is OK now?" he asks.

"I guess," the poll watcher says.

I step over to my fine plywood voting booth, support it with my foot so it won't rock while I'm marking my ballot with the super official special pen. I finish and head to the machine with it. I turn in my pen to one of the dense poll watchers who is talking to the woman at the book who has failed to reregister. I say "Here's your pen back" and go ahead and insert my ballot. It says I am No. 13 for the morning. I wonder how accurate that is... just 13 in an hour? With all that's already happened? Anyway, I wait for my "I Voted" sticker. Pollwatcher finally looks at me and hands me a sticker. I turn to leave and she shouts at me "DID YOU TURN YOUR PEN IN? WHERE IS YOUR PEN?"

I snap back around and told her I had put it right in front of her while she was paying attention to the other people and ignoring me. Then I left.

It was all very exciting.


Jill of All Trades said...

Actually interesting but kind of scary.

Trixie said...

I found out what happened -- she was trying to write in a candidate. Can't do that with the ballots we use.