Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A progress report

Bernie -- that's Mr. Woodward Bernstein Bryant -- now weighs 8.8 pounds and had his first round of puppy shots yesterday.

Unfortunately, he did have a bit of a reaction and I had to get him an antihistamine from the vet today. It is effective at knocking him out, so I should sleep well tonight -- and so should he.

Since I got Bernie, I've been crashing much earlier in the evening. I feel like an old woman, but lately I'm in bed by 8:30 on most nights. It's almost 7:30 now, and I would be happy to turn in right now. Makes me feel like I don't have a life, in some aspects. In other ways, however, life is opening up again.

Bernie is smart and strong. He learns new things every day and accomplishes new stages of development.

Over the weekend I worked out in the yard quite a bit, with his help. I was pruning limbs and he helped take the sticks to the brush pile. He's such a good helper!

Once we get past his need to nip at me every waking second we're together, I think things will be much better. Most of my gashes are healing nicely.

Next time I'll post some new photos -- my card is not handy or I'd download them now. Soon -- I promise!