Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's been going on

Tech posted a run-down of what he's been up to. What a busy guy! Out producing plays, writing novels and keeping up with work!

So taking a cue from him, I thought I'd post a run-down of some of the things keeping me busy.

There's the usual "trying to make a little money" thing. Trust me, I'm gooood at making little money. I'm working on beefing that up so I can pay my gas bill. (rolly eyes). Eh, that's another story for another day.

Most of my time is spent at church lately. I've been serving as a facilitator for a Grief Share group for a couple of months. There's another month or so left in this group. I won't be helping with the Divorce Care group this session -- after helping lead three series of Divorce Care, I'm taking a break.

It's a little hard to keep identifying myself as a "divorced person" 17 years after the fact. I don't feel "divorced" in the same way I did years ago. Sure, yes, I remember I was married for a brief time, but I more identify myself as a single midlife adult now. In all honesty, I cannot remember what my ex-husband looked like without going back to the photos. I don't know where he lives, what he does for a living or anything at all about his present life.

I'm also the chairman of the Care Team this year. We have a team of 12 members plus the associate pastor. Recently we have divided the congregation into "pastorates." Each care team member is responsible for their own pastorate, making sure everyone in the church has someone staying in contact with them, especially in a time of illness or loss. The care team also prays daily for those in their pastorates.

In my role I often make hospital visits and try to do followup care with those who have had losses (hence the implementation of the Grief Share course.) I had a hospital visit last night after the class ended, as a matter of fact.

I have a couple of other projects on my agenda this spring. The first is an auction set for April 22 -- the "Tie One On Chairity". I've challenged the congregation to rehab worn-out, old, ugly chairs into works of art and then bring them to be auctioned. They are limited only by their imaginations. I expect some fabulous contributions! Some of the men are being very secretive about their projects. I think some of them have some side bets going!

Even the kids in the church are getting into the challenge. Our preschool kids took one of the chairs, and one of the Sunday school classes took another. They have been working on sanding their chairs to get them ready to paint. I cannot wait to see what they come up with!

Besides the chairs, a second component of the auction is aprons! Yes!! Like my chicky apron in my avatar! I'll be making a few or 20 aprons for the auction myself. One will be made of men's neckties and I have some pretty interesting designs in mind for others.

All the money we raise in this auction will be given to a nonprofit group I'm familiar with that will use it to rehab housing for those who need affordable housing. I don't know how much money we'll raise, but I am optimistic and I know God will use whatever we raise and multiply it many times over. I'll keep you posted as things develop!

The other project is producing a couple of CDs with musicians in the church. One will be a CD of lullabies which we will give to new parents and grandparents. The other will be a CD of hymns which we will take to people in the hospital (along with a loaner CD player with headphones). I'll be working to find the right songs for vocalists, the handbell choir, a harpist, clarinet player and flutist. I may even be able to get the OCU brass quintet to help.


Anonymous said...

My gosh--do you get more than 24 hours in your days?? ;)

TECH said...

Those projects sound awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am tired just reading what all
you are doing. You and tech are
putting me to shame. :-(

You go girl..

Jeannie Diane

Trixie said...

A necktie apron? How can I bid on that? Can't you see WaWa in that using his George Foreman grill?

You really are the most creative soul. Where does your inspiration come from?