Monday, April 02, 2007

Too funny not to tell on myself

Earlier this afternoon I was in a hurry to get something eaten and get to a 6 p.m. meeting. So about 5:15 I was in the kitchen putting some shredded cheese on a tortilla to roll up for a quick snack.

I was going to put some picante sauce on it too and started shaking the jar. Then I discovered I'd already unscrewed the lid.

Yep, it came flying off the jar, landed on the counter, and picante sauce suddenly rains down on me, with the approximate velocity of the rain we had in central Oklahoma last week. It was in my hair, all over my clothes, on the counter and the floor.

So I took a quick shower, shampoo and clothes change before rushing out. I've got a lot of mopping, not to mention laundry, to do tonight.

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Why is it that kind of stuff happens when we're in a hurry?? :)