Thursday, June 28, 2007

I may have sold my house

I don't want to say it too loudly for fear of jinxing it, but the person has already gotten a good-faith estimate of costs from a lender.
They just put the sign in the yard -- but it turns out this potential buyer was interested before that. She works for the Realtor. She's even interested in buying some of my furniture -- some of the stuff I don't want to move!
Say your prayers for me, please.

Oh, and the house I wanted in Ponca City? It was sold yesterday.
Tuesday night I drove around and said a prayer about it, as I've been doing frequently. This time, though, I changed the prayer to the prayer that never fails -- "Thy will be done." Wednesday morning, in the rain, they put the "sold" sign out.

Next time I go looking it will be with money ready to negotiate. God knows what He's doing and I will find my next home. I know it.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I know that feeling of not wanting to jinx it! I just about lost my mind when we were selling our house.

I guess you couldn't for any more of a direct answer than putting the "sold" sign on it, in the rain no less! It'll be more fun to look when you know exactly where you stand on the money thing. :)

Ofelia Bertrand said...

I’m so sorry that you weren’t able to get the house that you wanted, but at least you had a buyer who had that much faith in your home to put down an offer right away. Did that person end up actually buying the house? I hope you posting about it didn’t actually jinx it!