Tuesday, January 08, 2008

To Anyone Who Has Loved a Dog

Recommended Reading:

Good Dog. Stay by Anna Quindlen (Random House; 1 edition November 20, 2007)

This is a quick little read that will fill up the heart of any dog lover and just as quickly drive them to tears. I stopped by the library on my lunch hour to return some books and picked this up just to have something to read across the street as I ate lunch.

More than half the book is photographs of all kinds of loving dogs. Most made me smile; several made me laugh out loud, which surprised me. It also surprised me to find myself weeping over the words as I ate my pulled-pork sandwich.

Anyone who has lived through a dog's life cycle with them will know the struggle Quindlen describes about making decisions for their loved pet. And anyone who has done that will know about the tears.

Just a side note: I finished the book and my sandwich about the same time and was able to return it to the library before heading back to the office. Take an hour for yourself and give this one a look. You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trixie,
It has been so long. I just have a min. I can't seem to get logged on 10buck2. So I thought I would give you an update here.

School it totally cool. I have straight A's and doing great. The hard part is I got to school from 8am to 4pm Tue-Fri and 9am-2pm Sat. Then work at the home improvement store when not at school.

We had a great Christmas (thanks to Crystal :-)

I have met a very nice man. Going very slow. But the more I know of him the better I like him. 6'3" tall with green eyes. I will let you all know how this plays out.

I really thing is is going to be the best year I have had in a while.

Hello to all my friends.
Jeannie Diane

TECH said...

Love dogs, but don't like books that make me sad. Same for movies. I'm a happy ending person.

When my dog Tai passed away several years ago after 13 happy years with me, it was a terrible time. I've thought about getting a dog since then, but haven't found one that I want to love like that again.