Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dropped Out

Today was a drop-out day for me. I have not left the house and don't plan to this evening.

I've been hit with a stomach virus the past couple of days and have lost most of my energy. I had to work yesterday, and I was able to have dinner with JT last night, which was very enjoyable. But that's all I can manage until I start feeling better.

I've slept late; I've read a little. I heated up a frozen box of something or other just so I could say I tried eating something. And I'm trying to get some laundry done.

My house is a pigsty, and so it will stay for a while, despite my best intentions. I can't even believe it's almost 6 p.m. on Sunday. I wish I could just jump up, do a load of dishes, vacuum and dust and scrub and pronounce the house clean. Yeah. I'd need Samantha Stevens' nose to do any of that, nice as it may sound.

Guess I'll head out to the garage to see if it's time to do the laundry flip-flop yet.

I hope you all are feeling better and more energetic than this. I'm just glad it's not what I'd call the full-fledged flu. I keep saying I refuse to get it -- no matter that 2 of the 9 people in my office have already succumbed and a third is likely down for the count too.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I hate it when I am sick at home. All I do is look around at the things I could be doing. Best wishes, try not to do to much. Rest well.

Jeannie Diane

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about all the chores to be done is that they'll be there tomorrow--or a day or two after that--whenever you get to feeling up to it.

Take care of yourself and don't do too much. You'll get better faster that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Trixie how are you doing now? Have not heard from you. This stuff going round is pretty scary. Just wanted to know you are still haning in.

Jeannie Diane