Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Official!

Now I can tell you about the great new project I'm involved in! I've just spoken with the project's founder and finalized our agreement.

I'm the new chairman for the Oklahoma Chapter of ConKerr Cancer: A Case for Smiles. This is a project that provides cheerful pillowcases for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Even before getting the last details in place, I have received a stack of pillowcases from women here who have already taken on the sewing with gusto! There is also a school int he Oklahoma Panhandle where each student is making a pillowcase for another child, and I'll be receiving those as well! This network is springing up almost without effort -- a sign that this is a good project that will do well.

There will be photos coming soon, and more information. Here is a link to the National ConKerr Cancer site: ConKerr Cancer. The site explains more about the project, how it came about, and how large it is growing across America.

Any Oklahoma sewists who would like to contact me about this state project may e-mail me at ConKerrCancerOK at (address split to prevent spambots from harvesting this address. I need to keep it spam-free, please!)

This is a project that takes little effort for the great benefit it provides -- a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak. Imagine being a child who has to go to the hospital frequently. It might be a small thing, but wouldn't it make you happy to receive a bright, colorful new pillowcase every time you had to go in? Some kids, unfortunately, get quite a collection. But isn't it a small investment for us to make to ease their discomfort just a bit?

Expect to hear more from me on this... I'm very excited about getting it going!


TECH said...

How very cool!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Hmmm, maybe DS could use it as an Eagle Project, assuming he gets that far. I'm sure there's a chapter in CA SOMEWHERE. :)

Trixie said...

I'm sure there is. If not, they will take them at the main office. This would be a wonderful Scouting project. I'm going to contact church youth groups and Scouts also, because this would be an easy multi-age project.