Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday night

Just. One. More. Day. to. This. Week.

Thank goodness. I so need some time away from work. Today was nothing but irritation piled up on aggravation. My patience, which has always been the only thin thing about me, has just all but worn through.

Nice thing about tomorrow is that I have a meeting to cover at noon, so I'll be out of the office for a couple of hours. That will give me a bit of a respite.

I finished a big project this week -- it's one of those special section things that comes in the Sunday paper that people just pull out and throw away without even looking at. But by golly I wrote every dang story in it and put the section together, so it's all mine (except for two tiny fillers that I edited down from wire stories. Not bad for a 24-page tab.) Anyway, it's one of those thankless worthless time-consuming jobs we all have.

I think most of us in the office are having a major crank-fest this week. One person in particular seems to be taking great joy in pissing everyone off. You might guess it's the one person who doesn't lift a finger to do anything. So I daydream terrible things and make myself as scarce as possible so I don't follow through. And I pray for Saturday's quick arrival.

Sorry to be so down and grumpy, but that's the way things are here for now. I'm sure that at some point things will be more positive. I'll definitely will let you know when that moment comes. It's only fair!


Erudite Redneck said...

It'll be otay. :-)

Claudious said...

Only one more day! And it sounds like you've accomplished so much work this week, I think that's impressive.

Tracy said...

I always enjoy the special sections in the Sunday paper and will pay close attention to Sundays! I can't help it, but when I read the paper now I guess what different stories and pictures that you may have done! (Like the photo from the Farmers Market?? That was you, right??)

Trixie said...

I've had some from the farmers' market. The one this week was not me. I had photos of Wentz pool this week, and the Louise Fluke flag plaza and the historic places tour. :-)

Tracy said...

I'm a tour guide at the mansion. They talked me into joining the commission which oversees it. We'll see how that goes! And I did see those photos - keep up the good work! Especially of the pool - I look forward to actually seeing it. Well, that and not having to do the cheesy summer membership at the CC so the kids can swim!