Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cozy Corner Challenge!

In the previous post I showed you a picture of my den, one of my favorite spots in my house. So instead of a meme, I am issuing a photo challenge. I've seen other bloggers do this and it is just fascinating! Your assignment is to take a photo of your favorite corner of your house -- and explain why you like it so much. Mine is the photo below, and I think the reason I like it is because it is cozy. Also because it's a bit of a peculiar room, having once been outside of the house. It is an addition, as is apparent from the exterior brick wall leading to the dining room and the former porch light which is still working.

And I mentioned the "curtains" are really quilts covering floor-to-ceiling French doors that have been used to enclose the walls of the room.

Here's a view from a different angle showing the wall of cabinets you'll see from the sofa. Lots of games, books and hobby things are stored behind those white doors.

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Heh, I just noticed how that suitcase next to the chair seems to be smiling. It's filled with the memorabilia of my mom's life -- photos of her friends from nursing school, song sheets from bars in Chicago they visited. No wonder it's smiling!


Sarabeth said...

That's a nice challenge, and I like your smiling suitcase.

FrenziedFeline said...

I don't know that I have a cozy corner (yet). I'll have to think on that.

I love your room!

jeannie diane said...

What a warm and inviting place.
I am not sure were mine would be.
But I will work on it.

I love the suitcase. Makes me
smile too. It is hard to not have
our momma's.

I bought a card that fit her so
much. It was about the love between
a mother and daughter. I signed it
and cut it down the middle. I
bought a piece of wood from the
local craft store. I glued it
to the wood then laqured over it.
I took it down to the cemetry and
put it by her grave. I know she is
not there, but it is where I left

I did get a little post done today.
Thanks for the encouragement.:)

Trixie said...

It is SMILING! How fabulous! I would never have noticed that detail. Aren't you clever?!

This is a pretty difficult challenge actually. I like the brown chairs in my living room but I am not sure that this is my favorite corner. I sit in the same chair in the basement every day to work and I like it pretty well. I really need to think about this some more....