Thursday, May 31, 2007

The house I want

This is the house I saw on Tuesday. I'm going to look at it again and probably make an offer.

The siding is actually yellow, with green trim (yes, it looks white in the photo, but it's not.)

The landscaping, especially in back, is beautiful. And it has a picket fence around back and a workshop building at the back of the yard.

And it has a deck and hot tub that is accessible from the dining room through french doors and the huge master bedroom.

Plus the seller is HIGHLY motivated, I'm told.

It has a large basement (walkaround) with the laundry area. They put in extensive white wire shelving down there for uber storage!

The master suite is huge. I think the closet once was a bedroom. The master bath has been redone, as has the second bathroom.

I think the now-second bedroom once was the master. It's also large.

There is a third bedroom upstairs which I may use as a den/retreat.

Large dining room. Yeah!

All the hardwood floors have been refinished.

And the living room has a fireplace.

I'm kind of inlove with it.

Here's a link to more photos and a description: Are you my house?


Anonymous said...

I like it! I hope it works out for you.

I guess the seller is motivated because it's empty now. That's how we got a deal on our first house. The owners had already moved out when the first escrow fell through. They were living in a motel with a golden retriever, two cats, and a 9mo baby girl while waiting for their new house. They really wanted to sell!

Ask your classmate if there's a reason realtors don't seem to rotate the photos on their listings so you don't have to lay your head on your shoulder to see the bathroom. ;)

Anonymous said...

By the way, what's a walkaround basement? An outside entrance with no access from inside?

Trixie said...

A walkaround means you have full access all around the staircase. The laundry area is behind the stairs with plenty of space for the necessities -- I can put in a folding table and a hanging rack. The wall you face while coming down the stairs is full of new wire shelving. LOTS of good storage! There are a very few minor fixes on the exterior, and I would want to repaint the kitchen, but otherwise it's move-in ready. Can't wait to see it again Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I never knew there was a designation for whether or not you could walk around the stairs. That never occured to me as the possible answer. What I couldn't do with all that storage space for food storage! Alas, no basements in California unless you have it custom-built. :(

I hope you're taking your camera with you on Saturday so we can see beyond 1-inch realtor (sideways) pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

oh Trixie,
I love it. You have great taste. Which I already knew. I have been thinking bout a new place. Which I need to quit. I have a comfortable home. It is only 1/4 from my new job. Which is work loads, with gas as high as it is.
Jeannie Diane

Anonymous said...

Happy trails to yooooooou! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks great, Trixie! I like all the color inside of the house, too. I hope this works out for you.


Trixie said...

Gosh, you would never know that it's so big from the outside photo! The living room has a very nice light/airy feel and I love the color. Looks like the kitchen is red? What color is that other room - the one that looks plum? Maybe it's my PC.

The rear yard is charming! You will certainly have your hands full.

Enjoy the new job and walking to work. I was able to do that for the first couple of years of my career and LOVED it!