Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The hunt is on!

I spent the day yesterday looking for houses in my old new hometown. The two houses in the post below are OFF the list! The Victorian? It was impossible to find a place in the house with a floor that wasn't slanting one direction or the other. It was hideous. The living room and kitchen had laminate flooring, but the rest of the house had really ratty old wood floors (not pretty wood floors). And there was no trim or threshholds to cover the raw edges of the laminate. T-A-C-K-Y!!

I also saw the weirdest thing I've seen in a house in my memory. There was a secondary staircase in the kitchen. I opened the door thinking I'd go upstairs, but the owners were using the stairs as a pantry. And things looked weird. I finally realized the stairs went to the ceiling -- and stopped. And there was a hole in the wall where the rest of the stairs should have been, but weren't. So if you took the stairs up and made the turn, you'd fall flat on your boom-boom on the kitchen floor. Ka-ra-zeee! I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

The Tudor? Interesting, but impractical. The front door wouldn't open. We had to go in through the side door which entered the kitchen. I liked the character of the house, but the basement was wet and there was an old freezer down there that had been there decades, I'm sure. And it smelled.

Also odd: We could not find anywhere where the refrigerator could be plugged in. And believe me, we looked.

The bathroom had all of its original 1930s fixtures. Character, sure, but not practical.

And the two-car garage? It had no doors. And no evidence that there had been doors!

I looked at four or five other houses. I'll have to make another trip to see more than that. I'll also have to look for rentals in case, at least for short term. I have 19 days before I start working up there! The heat is on!

A friend went up with me. We had a great day, working in a tour of the town as we drove around. We had lunch at Enrique's, a Mexican restaurant at the municipal airport. Lots of people fly in from all over just to eat lunch there. It was fun watching them fly in, land and taxi to the gate next to the restaurant door. They were as casual as though they were parking a car.

Well, keep your fingers crossed that I find the place I'll be sleeping three weeks from now. I'm growing faint.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, maybe they'd both have turned into money pits anyway. DH and I looked at some darling old homes in Arkansas several years ago, but since DH isn't handy, we figured we'd be shelling out to contractors for the whole time we lived there.

We found a very nice brand new home that wouldn't fall apart anytime soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Trixie, what an adventure. I love to look at houses. I can't afford a new one right now. But I still go look when I can. I love to get ideals for things I can do in my house.
Good luck. It won't be that bad if you have to rent for a while. So don't let the pressure cause a bad decision.
Happy hunting :-)
Jeannie Diane

Trixie said...

I agree, Jeannie Diane. I'm about decided to find a place to rent, take only what I need for now, and not commit to buying until I have my feet on the ground. I've been struggling back and forth with this since I got the news that I had the job. If I find a lousy rent house, it is certainly easier to get out of than a lousy house I've spent my hard-earned money to buy! It will also give me a chance to get a feel for the job and see if I want to be married to it for years.

Sarabeth said...

I suppose it proves that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Good luck. What an adventure home buying can be!