Thursday, July 05, 2007

I sold my house!

I had the offer in my e-mail this morning! The buyer wants to close by Aug. 3. So I have just under a month to find my own new place!

The buyer is my Realtor's assistant, so basically she was making an offer before the sign ever went in the yard. Before I knew about it, she already had been pre-approved and had a written good-faith estimate of her costs. She made a good, fair offer and she may be interested in buying some of my furniture to boot, like the corner units in the dining room. I would like to sell some of those things so I don't have to move them or figure out just how I'll use them in a new house.

This is a positive turn of events after discovering my lawnmower was stolen. Two neighbors saw the same two men in my back yard and I confronted one, a neighbor a couple of houses down. Anyway, his lies kept getting more and more fantastical the more he tried to cover his backside.

Well, off to the library to print out the contract and put my signatures on it, so I can keep this ball going. I'll also be checking out the newest house listings so I can start my renewed search.


TECH said...

Congrats! I know that's a relief.

Erudite Redneck said...

Yay! I've been wondering about you. Flooodwaters close to ya up north?

Trixie said...

Yep, though seems to be subsiding in town. Kaw Lake was 33 feet above flood stage last I heard. On Sunday all the rivers were out of their banks and the fields looked like vast lakes. Those big round haybales were floating, so you know how bad it is. In all my bornded days I've never seen it like this!

Anonymous said...


A bit of advice, even though you didn't ask for it--take your time finding a new home. I'd hate to see you rush into something because you feel like you have a deadline over your head. There's always storage. :)

Trixie said...

That's probably very good advice, FF! I hate the thought of moving all my stuff twice, though, and I really need to get into a better environment than I'm in right now. The charm is starting to wear off of my convenient location with some unbearable neighbors moving in.
I guess I'll play it by ear and try my best to make a wise decision. If I don't find the place that is at least 90 percent acceptable, I'll bite the bullet and go for storage.

Sarabeth said...