Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some People Don't Know When They Are Winning!

Tonight I attended the Park and Recreation Board meeting. The board is an advisory panel to the town's City Commission.
It was a HOT meeting tonight because the big issue on the agenda was consideration of a plan to build a BMX track and skate park. There were 16 teen-age boys there with their skateboards in hand. They were doing fine, listening to the discussion, until they got bored. Actually, they didn't get bored until two idiot mothers who hadn't been paying attention to the fact that their kids were winning what they wanted started mouthing off about "why can't we use so-and-so's big parking lot they never use it the kids have no place to play life is unfair."

Um. Duh. Check the minutes, please. A panel of adults had JUST finished presenting a proposal for the perfect location for both interests, in a city park near the edge of town where visitors to the city could easily congregate for BMX events -- city, regional and national events. The city is even agreeing to provide aerial photos and help the sponsors lay out the track. The City Manager promised it! There's already a junior baseball league that meets and plays in this park which has been interested in expanding a baseball field on the far side of the park, away from this proposed track and skate park. Every possible thing sponsors presented was agreed to. The park panel just asked the apparent leaders of this to come to the next meeting with enough of a plan that the panel could vote for a motion to present it to the City Commission with enough information and enough of a plan to get it passed.

Yeah. OK ladies, repeat after me. When you are ahead, shut up. Stop talking about how you just moved here from Perry where they couldn't get anything going for the kids there EITHER and they let an application for a grant expire. Hello! Listen the the old bald man who JUST said "This is a great idea and the best plan that has been presented. The location is well suited for this and the outlay would be minimal for the city. If we had to buy land, we probably would not be able to do what we can do in this park for you. It's a win-win situation."

Mom the Second, who also apparently has hearing problems, pipes up to say "So who is in charge of making this decision? I mean, who is the man who says yes or no?"

I refer you back to the old bald man you just interrupted. Just hush, OK? Don't start moaning about how you give your kid $20 in the morning, tell him to get something to eat and drink, and then don't see him until it's supper time. I'll call DHS on you if you don't just hush, OK? You're WINNING. Bald man is THE MAN to get you what you want if you're smart enough to listen. So LISTEN!

Despite these two intrusions, the plan will go forward to get the kids and the adults who are behind them everything they want. Several members of the panel are actually going to take their weekend and drive 250+ miles round trip to go to Yukon to see a BMX competition and get a better idea what a track takes and how the operation can be successful. In late August we're going to see a skate park company bring a sample park to town and set it up on the parking lot behind the library so the kids can try it out and decide what kind of materials they like the best and the advantages of concrete and modular systems, so they get what they want most!

OK ladies, quit asking about the abandoned school tennis courts. They've been turned into teachers' parking lots. They aren't what your kids want and need for skateboarding. Let us build them their dream track, OK? We want them to have a place to play, too. Ask the old bald man. He still has the scar from the time when he nailed his skates to a board and rode it down the spillway at the lake. Was doing well, he said, until he hit the sand at the bottom of the ramp.


Teditor said...

OK, so I've read a few items today. How do you like your new job? All's I know is your 17-story ... story ... makes makes me so happy that I've left the biz. Now if I can get things worked out soon, I'll be even happier.

Trixie said...

Actually, I am really liking the job. Even on those 17-story days. I've toned it down some, but it is kind of a rush to be the new kid who is raising the stakes as far as gigging the oldies into being more competitive. There's a young reporter who has really bitten the bait, so to speak, who is doing everything she can to try to whup me on a daily basis. As a result, we're getting better stories written.
I've let her take the lead this week because of problems with our county jail. We had three escapes last night so she wins just on the value of the breaking news.
It's weird being "home" with no family around, but I'm adjusting to that. Sometimes I forget what city I am in. That usually only lasts a couple of minutes though.

So you must report what you are doing! Out of the biz indeed. That won't last long, I predict. You've got ink your blood too.

Erudite Redneck said...

Teditor, what *are* you doing??

Anonymous said...

I swear there was a woman like that at B&N yesterday when they were giving out the wristbands to come back and pick up Harry Potter.

Some people just aren't happy unless they're miserable.

Teditor said...

Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. It was a busy week, then a busier weekend. And that all leads to what I'm doing.

I'm back working my media relations business, I'm expanding it considerably to assist contestants in their marketing and promotion while helping them obtain needed sponsorships. This past weekend while working at the rodeo in Pretty Prairie, Kan., I set up partnerships with 10 contestants and have potentially six more.

For me, the burnout of the newspaper industry hit years ago. I went back to it because it was available when I needed a more steady income.

When we last visited via e-mail, Trix, you asked about the post that was open here. I think you saw the limitations. The 85-hour weeks and low pay -- combined with the high level of burnout already existing in my pores -- made it an easy decision.

I will continue to write, continue to freelance. I won't be totally removed from the biz, but I believe I burned the ink out of my blood years ago.

Teditor said...

Check that Web site:

Trixie said...

Well, it seems that the web site is not up and running yet.

Teditor, will you be making an appearance at the 101 Ranch Rodeo in August?

Teditor said...

Probably not. It's a haul from northwest Missouri, and there are better rodeos between here and there. :-)

I'd actually like to go to Ponca for that, but I doubt it'll happpen. I'd also like to make it to Dodge City next week, but we've got a family thing.