Thursday, August 30, 2007

Updates from Home

Howdy everyone!
Thought it might be time for another update.
My 71-year-old co-worker who has been acting a might mean to me has had a little change of attitude -- once I dressed him down and recited a part of my resume to him. He had said something the other day that just went right over the line -- something about "that comes with experience." This time I didn't just walk away from him. I said "Bob, this is not about experience. This is about you and Kristi not listening to me and giving responses not based on the question I asked. And as for experience, Bob, I've been in this business for 30 years ..." He stopped me there, not believing how long I've been working. I told him I was 52 and went to work for Big Metro Paper while I was still in school.

Funny thing. He thought I was barely in my 30s. Once he found out I was a fogy, he actually started treating me with more respect and has spoken to me much more pleasantly, now that he knows I'm older than his own kids. (Yikes.)

I've finally made an appointment to see a new doctor up here and get back on track treating all my ailments. I made points with another couple of coworkers who like to swap stories about how bad this or that is regarding their health. I asked them to recommend a doctor. Oh how they jumped at the opportunity!

The staff here is smaller than any department I've ever worked in. There's a lifestyles editor, an obit/religion writer, the county reporter, the business editor (by that I mean the woman who takes photos of ribbon cutting ceremonies.)

Then there are two sports guys, a "photographer", Bob the 71-year-old "city editor" (who is the guy who lays out the inside pages) and the managing editor(a brat) and me -- city government and education editor.

I've been here right at 3 months. I cannot imagine being here long-term. Covering city government and writing basically anything I want is all that keeps me going already. Sometimes that's great. Sometimes it's the best I can hope for.

I have another bit of controversy I'll be stirring up next week. It'll be another doozy, kind of in line with the toxic chemical spill of last Friday. I hear the big-city TV reporter that covers this area got chewed out because I scooped him. Too bad, so sad. La-la-la-la-la-- la!

This is one of the rare nights I am actually getting to fix myself supper at home.

Oh, a former employee came by the office a few days ago with a little bitty golden retriever puppy. It took about 30 seconds for me to have that puppy out of her hands and into mine. OH MY LAWD! It was soooo SWEEET and SOFT and CUDDLY! I held it right up against my heart and it just fell right asleep and felt like melted butter. Awwww!
Yeah, I'm bitten by the puppy bug. Must. Resist. At least for a little longer. Awwww!


Teditor said...

It's always good to see one ol'-timer dressing down and older-timer. :-)

After all those years at the Big City Periodical, there will be some adjustment to the size of the operation and the politics therein involved. I'm a little surprised in your role; I just assumed management was your thing.

It does make me feel a little better, though, after having read your publication's coverage of a certain event I hold near and dear to my heart. I didn't want to "condemn" poor overall coverage if you were the boss. I don't have such a problem if you're a co-worker. :-)

Trixie said...

I'm the city government and education reporter. Most of these people don't have a clue what I've accomplished in my past life. I feel like I've gone "undercover" in a manner of speaking. But I kind of had to "out" myself at that moment. Things have been much better since then.

This is also one of those small places that will see a lot of changes over the next two years as most of the current staff either retires or leaves.

Anonymous said...

WTG on scooping the other guy--LOL! :)

The city editor sounds like he has a case of "big-fish-in-a-little-pond" syndrome. My FIL suffers from that. You probably can't ignore the city editor as easily as I ignore FIL.

I'm glad you got to make dinner for yourself. Gotta christen that house properly! :)

Anonymous said...

No exactly the kind of paper you are referring tooo....OMG! Hang in there. I last 2 years but was in tears by the time I left. WaWa rescued me and here we are now.

As for the puppy. Watch out. It's the cute factor that draws you in...then they just become a lot of work! Whew.