Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally Friday

I'm trying hard to give all of you a gently-measured dosage of blogging. I know you -- if I got back up to full speed, you would gorge yourselves to the point of making yourselves sick. So, I'll watch out for you and carefully get your systems built up.

(Yeah, yeah.)

How are you all doing with the transition in seasons? I can't believe we're right on top of Memorial Day and practically into the summer months! Our spring was just unusual, I think. The oppressive heat has abated and come back, kind of moving in on us in waves. We're starting to see the heavy thunderstorm season. Last night I stayed up late and had my front door open so I could enjoy some cooler air and the sound of rain. A little after midnight, though, that rain turned torrential and the air started swelling like heavy seas. By the time I battened down the hatches and went to bed, air was whistling through the cracks around the back door and the house was groaning. I could feel the roof struggling to stay firmly attached to the house.

This morning on the way to work I saw a tree that wasn't able to hang on quite as well. Half of a huge tree blocked the street a block from my house on my route to work. It was hung up on the utility lines and virtually filled the street from curb to curb. Impossible for cars to get through, but one lone biker was able to make it through by gliding along the far gutter over the tips of the limbs. I think I would have been too concerned about puncturing a tire on twigs and sticks to try it myself. At lunchtime, I noticed they had gotten the bulk of the mess out of the street, but there were still a lot of scattered leaves.

Since I had to take a detour anyway (oh- but of course I took a photo of the tree for work!) I picked up breakfast for everyone at the office. Friday always seems to be a good day for us to gorge on breakfast around here. I'm not sure I'll be able to continue doing that though, as it doesn't exactly align with my doctor's orders...

I almost hate to write this out loud, but ... shhh! Don't say it!! You'll jinx it! I have a quiet!! three-day we said HUSH! weekend! That gives me one day to clean house, one day to go to Tulsa and one day to recover and lolly-gag like a Woman of Leisure. Oh, how I need this! I'm too old to be working six days a week routinely. I really, really am.

School is out as of the end of the day. Even though I don't have kids, it's still a good thing for me as one part of my job is being the education editor. This last week has been a bear with all the schools having their "end-of-the-year" programs and parties and other activities. Graduation is tonight. Next week's page will be slim pickin's I'm afraid. I may wind up just doing a photo page. We'll see.

Here's a question for you — how are you handling the higher gas prices? I'm traumatized, but honestly my driving is pretty minimal. I will be cutting back. On days when the weather allows, I'll consider walking the 10 blocks to work. I looked at a Honda Elite scooter the other day. It sure was cute and I was tempted to go pay the $2,000 or so for one. It is something to consider, but there's not a local dealer and I did some reading on message boards. Reviews were kind of a mixed bag. Good milage and cute, but not much pep. There's a definite load limit on what they can handle.

Hey, it's Friday! Go make some fun weekend plans!


Anonymous said...

The season here can't seem to decide what it is. We've gone from middle of summer at 107 at the beginning of the week, to 61 with rain a tornado or two. I can't complain, we're getting thunderstorms which we don't get too often.

Have a great long weekend! :)

TECH said...

The gas prices are tearing my budget apart. I don't know what to do about it except drive as little as possible.

TECH said...

Time for another dose of blogging! :)

Erudite Redneck said...

fire pix, please! :-)

and, i bought a mazda that gets twice the mileagfe of my Big Truck. But you knew that ... :-)

Erudite Redneck said...

Transition over. Summer here.