Monday, June 23, 2008

The Pursuit of Fun

Several things have converged over the past few days to get me thinking about the nature of "fun."

I've realized I can't quite honestly remember the last time I could say, in all certainty, that I was having fun. Not that I haven't -- surely we can't go for long periods of time without SOME fun, right? I hope. But I'm kind of caught up in figuring out the nature of FUN.

Is it something you can intentionally decide you're going to have? I have a blog friend who has made a resolution to have at least three minutes of fun a day. I get her point, and understand that we have to take care of ourselves and enjoy our lives. But man, is planning fun the way to do it? Is three minutes a day our daily minimum requirement of fun? And how pathetic are we as a species that we have to "work it in" to our daily lives?

Second, how do you recognize fun? Is fun a matter of laughing? Is it finding humor in the ordinary life around us? Is fun something more concrete and less esoteric than humor? Similar but different?

Is fun the absence of other things? For example, is it the absence of control by another? An absence of scheduled requirements, like working? A lack of pressure to achieve someone else's goals?

Is fun a matter of serendipity? Do we just stumble across it now and then like an elusive bird? Aha! There it is! Oops, no, now it's gone again.

Is fun an activity? Do you "have fun" in the same manner that you "make love"? If so, why do these things sound so much like work?

What do you consider fun? Is it something that generates from you, or do you find fun in the midst of others?

Is fun the same thing as relaxing? Can taking a nap be fun? Is reading fun? Or is there a set of prescribed activities that define fun?

What's fun for you? When was the last time you had fun? Do you have fun every day? Do you meet your daily minimum requirement of fun?

Is fun different than having a passion for an activity or interest? If you are passionate about your work, does that make it fun?

Tell me what you think! And ... have fun doing it!


Kirsten said...

Fun is what you make it.

For me, this week, fun is listening to the Wimbledon radio broadcast via the internet while at work. The folks who call the matches obviously enjoy themselves and occasionally get a little silly.

Anonymous said...

Yep, have to agree with Kirsten.

To mangle a well-known quote: Fun is in the soul of the participant. :)

Jill of All Trades said...

Fun, for me fun is putting a smile on my face and my heart. Laughter is fun and if I can laugh a little everyday that is fun for me. Fun is watching my birds, fun is reading a book, fun is blogging, fun is laughing at The Hubby's wonderful stories even though I've heard them a hundred times before.