Monday, June 30, 2008

That's it.

I get called "stale" by Junior the Bear, my best bear buddy in blogdom. Nothing but a few responses on the past several posts, except from all the nice people who saw the award post.

People are busy. It's summer. No one has time. No one is interested in what's happening here.

Junior's right, I guess. Maybe I am stale from working 60+ hours a week and not having much going on outside of work. Maybe the dog days of summer are here. And here I am without a hound.

My best friend from childhood lost her mother last week and the graveside service will be here this afternoon. I know only accidentally because of spotting the obituary a day late. I'll be there this afternoon, though. Our homes were interchangeable as we grew up. From back door to back door took us about 23 seconds -- yes, we timed how long it took to run out the back, across the street and three houses down through the alley.

And I'm mourning again the loss of my young soldier a year ago. Derek was like a nephew to me and he was killed a year ago by and IED in Falujah. His funeral was July 3. This is yet another somber holiday.

I had hoped to start a local news blog but given that no one's reading this one, I see little point in launching a new venture at this point.

Maybe it's the humidity that's really got me down today. Or maybe it's this darn echo around here.


TECH said...

Ahem. I'm reading this blog. I am certainly not no one. Humph.

TECH said...

I shall now sulk.

TECH said...

Still sulking.

Kirsten said...

I often have to remind myself that readers aren't the same as commenters. Just because no one's saying anything, that doesn't mean we aren't reading!

A local news blog would be interesting, and would pull in a whole different audience, depending on how you get the word out.

Tabitha said...

I check your blog everyday. I just don't comment. What I like about your blog is that I used to live in the town you are now in. I found you off of Pioneer Woman's website when you mentioned the Pioneer Woman museum.

Anonymous said...

I check you AT LEAST once a day. I think I comment on most posts, too.

Sometimes, we just don't feel like going to the effort of typing out what and how we're doing. Sometimes we don't think there's anything worth typing about, especially if our blog buddies aren't saying anything. That's the case for me a lot of the time, anyway.

Let's try just posting something every day for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Wanna try it?

And, ya' know, Trixie, we don't need Pulitzer material for every post. ;)

Trixie said...

Y'all are making me feel better now. Thank you.

This is a strange day, I have to admit. You know, this could be another blog post. A bonus, as you will. Stay tuned!

Trixie said...

And Tabitha, welcome! It's always nice to see someone who knows this area!

Tabitha said...

I love it there. We just moved away a month ago and I miss it. Well...not enough to come back because I like it here also but I do miss knowing people and the community. I'm in another nice community so it helps. Anyway, all that to say I like reading your blog because it makes me feel like I'm still there (although I was there for about the four, six months or so I've been reading). I need to go to bed.