Monday, September 08, 2008

It must be one of two things

Either it's:
1) the change of seasons, or
2) everybody is hungry.

Most of the blogs I frequent have been synching to one common thread this week, particularly today: Comfort food!

There's been banana bread at Posie Gets Cozy; creamy carrot soup at Pioneer Woman as she cooks with her kids; scrambled eggs with prosciutto over at Drew's "How to Cook Like Your Grandmother" (Men who cook -- and men who eat: Check out Drew's blog and tell me you aren't slobbering on the screen.) and a GRREAT essay on home cooking vs. eating crap at Crazy Aunt Purl's place.

There's a new hope in America, my friends. Real food is making its way back to our tables, replacing "food by-products" that came packaged in styrofoam and cardboard for lo, too many years.

Real food has roots in its roots, literally. Real food is grown in the dirt, and is harvested by people, washed and eaten fresh. You can tell it is real food because there's not a long list of things typed on the side of it. It's food, not chemical formulations.

And it is GOOD.

Often I buy my beef from a local meat market/butcher shop where I know the cattle are locally raised in small operations rather than large feed lot operations. But still. I'm not fooling myself into thinking that most of the beef I eat just willingly jumps into plastic-wrapped packages.

I wish economics would still allow most of our food to come from small, wholesome operations, but I think those days are passed forever. I remember our extended family's farm, where cattle and hogs and chickens were raised along with crops. More than enough to feed our own family, it was enough to provide my uncles and grandparents a living and good food for a region. Now corporate farms are taking over.

Anyway, my point was: It's time for GOOD food. Slow food. Make some; share some. Tell me what you're eating now that it's turning cooler! Visit these other blogs and take a look at what they are eating. Maybe it will inspire you, too!


Drew Kime said...

Trixie, it's always about comfort food.

Kirsten said...

Started out making white chili this weekend, only it turned out more soupy (not thick enough). Still yummy, tho.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, the other day I was thinking about making my sister-in-law's baked beans, which we eat as a main dish. The thing was, though, I can't have it without cornbread and it was just too hot to turn on the oven!

Soon (I hope)! :)

TECH said...

Sigh. I'm still eating fast food junk. Well, I'm getting better at my choices. When I feel better, though, I'd like to start cooking again.