Saturday, September 06, 2008

Greetings again! Today is Sept. 6

Although no one has asked me to post again, I thought I would anyway. Hey, I can... it's my blog!

I've dropped out for a bit because my inner peace has been disturbed. The world has be out of kilter here and my spirit and energy have been drained. At this point I'm thinking that I've got to try the "fake it to make it" approach and start visioning life the way I want it, rather than the way it is.

When I feel like this I go searching for beautiful, peaceful, creative blogs. I like to read about people who are living a gentle life, who feel rooted and loved and through whom good energy flows. Those are the things I want.

I yearn for soft calico fabrics to replace the harsh, scratchy burlap of life. Beautiful dinner tables to replace the starving spirit. The warmth of puppies snuggled up on the couch beside their person to replace the emptiness of the house.

Sometimes I make a little progress through such daydreams. Creativity is its own medicine -- right along the curative powers of laughter. I think they go hand-in-hand.

At times like this I search for soothing colors and textures. How providential that fall is approaching -- the word "comforter" is so rich in meaning in so many dimensions right now. A comforter offers warmth, softness, tactile pleasure. But there's also a deeper quality that comes with it, one that touches the spirit in its own special healing way. It offers a cocoon in which to hibernate during the low seasons, whether that be created by harsh weather or a harsh world.

Now is the time when I pull out my favorite collection of "home" books, too. Books like Alexandra Stoddard's "Creating a Beautiful Home;" or Terry Willits' "Creating a SenseSational Home." Similar names, similar ideas. The home appeals to our physical senses as well as provides shelter from the outside world. Sometimes we forget how important it is that our homes appeal to those senses through things such as light, smells, sounds, tastes and touch. In this thread of thought, the "extras" like candles, flowers, pretty dishes and soft bedding are not extras, but essentials to our wellbeing.

And there's where I've been negligent for the past year. All these "extras" have been boxed up or piled up where I can neither use nor enjoy them. I've been living in a hovel, not a home. Some of that is changing. Two weekends ago I hooked up my electronics so that I can use my stereo and the DVD player/VCR. I still don't have cable, so I can't watch television (what a pity during this political season) but I can use the television to watch movies, and I have taken advantage of that.

I've put away piles of books into real bookcases, which has decreased the clutter in my "living" room. There is still a ways to go, but there has been progress. At this point, I need to go through the titles and pull out books that I don't like, won't read, don't need. Others can take their place and I can move on, creating more spaces and making the house more comforting.

I wish this wasn't such a long journey, but I guess in some ways the journey is the fun part. Taking a mess and turning it into a home should give a sense of accomplishment, peace and self love. We'll continue to see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I thought of asking you to post, but since I hadn't, I figured we both needed the time off.

I'm glad you've hooked up your electronics. A little music, whether on the radio, on CD, or even just background music in a movie, can go a long way to feeling like you're still alive behind all the hustle and bustle. That will generate its force of wanting to unpack your enjoyable and beautiful things to enjoy.

(So, what movies have have you been watching?)

I wonder if there's a support group for us 'home" bodies--that or a 12-step program to get over it. ;)

TECH said...

Even if I don't ask -- and would that work? -- I always want to know what's going on in your life.

It takes a while for a new place to be home. At least for me, I have to invest myself in the place for a time, and then one day, I wake up and realize I'm home.

Jill of All Trades said...

Keep the posting coming. I like to read you wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the sincerity and power of your words. Maybe it is because I've moved so much, but I find my center in friends and family. My home becomes real when my family and friends have shared the space, even if for but an hour. And if an enemy is there for a day but finds welcome or is welcoming toward me but for a minute I feel a sense of home.

Your post is beautiful and inspiring.