Monday, March 23, 2009

Went to the doctor this morning

It was a mixed bag this morning at the doctor's office. Some good news (blood pressure and lipids are doing much better). And some bad news. Blood sugar is back up high; bad A1C results. The verdict: Insulin injections, starting tonight.

It's not something I look forward to, but it appears to be a necessity. Oral meds are not doing the job well enough alone and have some problems of their own (like... one is a sulfa drug to which I am allergic.) We'll see how this goes. It's good that I am not needle phobic. In addition to the nighttime injections, I will have to test twice a day now, morning and night.

Going to the doctor's office is a source of depression for me. The past three visits I have seen the physician's assistant. She is nice enough but for some reason I just don't respond well to her. The last time I was there I told her that I was depressed and wanted to move away from here. She basically told me to stop whining and go. Well, so far it hasn't worked out, but when I went in she said "Huh. I didn't really expect to see you. I thought you'd be gone by now." So, I started out feeling defeated because the economy is what it is, and I haven't been able to go someplace else. And I felt like she was rubbing my face in it. Oh well. I did get my prescription refills so I'll be set at the pharmacy.

I do have to call in and let her know what my blood sugar levels are each day for the next week so we can start calibrating the insulin dosage.

Next time I will see the doctor instead of the PA. She's really good with the tongue-lashings but at least she is more sympathetic which I consider a strong point for those in the medical field. Sometimes a person just needs a few minutes to feel like there is someone on their side.

I'm curious to see how the insulin injections go. I need to do some reading on the matter.


Genevieve said...

Sorry you're having health trouble, Trixie. I live in fear of going diabetic myself. So far, I'm good, but it does go hand and hand with high blood pressure which I have.

Y'know, you might have to tell the physician's assistant that her attitude isn't helpful to you. Honestly, sometimes medical personnel can be so preachy, non-sympathetic, etc. that a person dreads seeing them, and how good is that for your health and well-being?!

Anyway, take care and God bless. One day at a time, and all that. My very best wishes and prayers are with you.


Trixie said...

Oh Genevieve, thank you so much. Your kind words have really made my day.

I survived my first insulin injection just fine. It's just another step in this whole process of being diabetic. I am hoping that this will help with the issues, but someone told me they gained more weight when they took insulin. I've had enough troubles with the oral medications -- one of them caused me to gain 30 pounds in 4 weeks. Gah!

jeannie diane said...

Sweetie, I am so sorry your PA was so rude to you. This is someone who should help, uplift, and show you concern.

You will do fine with the shots, I had to give myself shots a few yrs back after surgery. Blood thinners to keep bloodclots down.

My prayers are with you my friend. It is so hard to be in a spot you don't want to be. I understand this so much. We are living in a trailor park. We joke about being white trailor park trash.

But the truth is my trailor is a nice home for us. It is warm, dry and roof over over our heads. But the neigbors are no so good. I have trouble with kids harrassing my children. I have called the police but it has not stopped. I think it only made it worse.

My prayer for you, God please be Trixies peace, right now, help her sit at your feet and feel your love for her. Carry her burdens for her, show her you know exactly how she feels. Comfort her in a way she can't even imagine.
In Jesus Holy name I ask these things. Amen.

I am trying to start bloggin again. I can't beleive it has been a year. Where does time go.

Anonymous said...


TECH said...

Humph. Do you want me to have that PA kneecapped for you? :)

I'm very proud of you, Trixie. You're handling this so well. You're my hero!