Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Saturday Off --Must Be Cleaning Time!

Am I a nerd because I'm excited to have a day off to clean house? I think I must be. Or it could be that I've just been stretched so thin lately that I can really enjoy a domestic day at home.

Ahhhh home. I miss it. This house I'm in is not "HOME" to me. It's just a too-small house where I keep my dog and come to sleep. Pitiful! I guess I have two choices: I can make this "HOME" or I can move. And at the moment, as much as I would love to, I'm just not up for a move. I don't have the energy or the money to find a more suitable dwelling.

It's kind of like being a hermit crab, y'know? This house just doesn't fit any more, but it's the one I have so I have to make it work for now.

I'm starting today with a good cleaning. Maybe I'll be able to displace some of the "stuff" that is crowding me. I started yesterday by returning Bernie's first crate to the woman who loaned it to me. He outgrew it, and another good friend let me borrow a bigger crate. So now I've returned the small one that was in my room -- it's left a clean spot on the bedroom rug and I need to match the rest of the room to it.

I've also got to gather up laundry. My fancy-dancy front-loading washer has been breaking down on me and I can't afford to call the repairman, so I've been hauling my stuff to the laundromat where I can get it all clean at one time. There are advantages to that! Also some drawbacks with the hoisting and the lifting and the carrying and the watching my machines like a hawk thing.
But I usually have been doing it once every week to week and a half, and there are things I do enjoy about the exercise. I get to catch up on my reading -- some enforced down time. That's always good.

Bernie has left me a lot of shredded paper around the house to pick up. He loves all kinds of paper. Fortunately most of it is Kleenexes he's managed to steal. I'm getting much better about keeping the important stuff out of his reach.

Well, now I'm all warmed up and inspired, so I better get on with the cleaning process. The mood and opportunity don't come together often enough, so EXCELSIOR!


I'd Rather Be Quilting said...

Came across your site shortly after getting a call from my doc today re my latest A1c results. Feeling so depressed I punched "aic 10.8" into google and your site showed up. You're also 54 (my age), and you have a house that has clutter (I have more). What a lot we have in common. lol lol Also, I once lived in Emporia, Kansas. I like your writing so will keep up with you as time goes by. You encouraged me about improving my labs. I've been working on living a more healthful lifestyle by watching what I eat and walking on my treadmill since mid-Jan. Was so discouraging to get the info from my doc today. Oh well, can only get better with positive changes. Right? Now, to tell hubby when he gets home.

Trixie said...

Hi there,
I'm glad to see you here. I've been sporadic at best lately, just like I have with so many areas of my life. Since my last doctor's visit earlier in March, I've been trying to be much more conscious of taking care of myself. I hope you are, too. We're the only ones who can take on that job on our behalf!

Anonymous said...

As of last Thurs, Apr 8, I have lost 12.5 lbs since Jan 14. The MD increased my DM meds some and that, combined with my weight loss and daily treadmill walk, my glucose levels are normal most of the time. Hopefully when I weigh in tomorrow at T.O.P.S. I will have lost another 2 lbs. You keep up the good work too! Keep me posted. Do you have a Facebook account?