Monday, August 16, 2010

Um, hi. Good to see you again!

Wow, six months since my last post! I'm almost embarrassed to post again, but I miss blogging.

So much of my time has been sucked away by Facebook. At first I thought it was really great -- to be able to stay in touch with my real-world friends and family so easily. And I still think Facebook is great for that. One post and I can catch everyone up on what's happening in my little world. It's pretty nice to have contact with so many people in such a quick, compact way, with photos or messages or even videos. Honestly? It's very cool. And a real marker of the changes we're going through in this day and age.

But. Seriously, it's sort of superficial, isn't it? The games -- and sorry to tell you, friends, but I block all the applications so I'm not buried under your posts about your farm or whatnot. I've still got too much of a life to be buried under that part of Facebook.

We just don't get the chance to share the matters of our hearts on Facebook, either. It's not the same as being able to blog. With the blog, we can either do a simple "mind dump" and spill it all out randomly, or we can give it thought and construct thoughtful essays. I've done both.

I guess tonight is kind of a "mind dump" sort of night since I've been away so long. I'm sort of hanging out waiting for the late-night laundry to wrap up and for the dishwasher to finish running. I have to unhook the portable dishwasher and turn off the water (reverse that order, please.) I'd also like to get the dishes put away. Fortunately (or not) I slept away most of the day so it won't kill me to be up a bit later tonight.

We got a break in the weather today. Not sure what our high was, and really don't care about the number. At one time I think I saw 75. All I know is it was very pleasant, and I actually shut off my air conditioners for a while.

Bernie has spent most of the day outside. I think this cool front has made him much more comfortable, too. American Eskimo dogs need to cool down! I wonder if he has any idea that cold weather is just a few months away.

I had a great weekend. Friends of mine came to town yesterday to perform at our local historic theater. They are "Hankerin' 4 Hank," a tribute band to Hank Williams Jr. The theater was full and everyone enjoyed a great performance. I was seated front row, center. Loved every minute of it!

Time to check up on the appliances. Hope to return soon. Hope someone is out there.

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TECH said...

Woohoo! Glad to see ya!