Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just sort of floating

I don't quite feel like I'm "in the groove" at the moment. Can't seem to get focused clearly enough to work through the daily tasks -- at least not today.

I haven't been feeling great for a couple of weeks, with the weather being SO hot and then the change to cooler, rainy weather. I feel a bit feverish, alternating between chills and sweats, never knowing which will hit next. And it seems that for several days, as soon as I can get out of work, I'm heading home and napping for a couple of hours while Bernie has outside time to run and play.

Maybe I'm sick; maybe I'm just having summer stress. I don't know. For several days I was percolating right along, getting things done like gangbusters.

It's the nature of the news business, though, to get thrown for a loop by an unexpected story that is, or has the potential to be, a tragic event. And we had one of those here this week. It all ended safely, however.

Because of this floating cloud around me, though, tomorrow and Saturday have the potential of being tough days with a ton of stuff being compressed in a short time. Or, there could be magic and things will fall nicely into place, all wrapped up in lace and ribbons. What a lovely dream!

You know, I don't really see much of a point in what I've written. Dang, I did just remember something I have to attend right smack in the middle of my day tomorrow.... my thoughts are pulling me back and forth tonight. Maybe I need to send myself an e-mail to the office right now so I don't forget the things that are buzzing in my brain. Then the best course of action may be to go to bed early so I can reboot. Good plan.

Good night, all!

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