Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A nice rainy day

I believe the summer heat has broken here in mid-August. The past three days have been much more bearable, and we're getting some rain today.

I'm a rain lover. I'll take a wonderful, cool rainy day any time over the blistering heat! It makes me feel more alive and much less likely to turn to dust.

I had to trick Bernie again with the leash this morning. It won't be long until that trick loses its effectiveness, and then what will I do? I do feel bad being dishonest with him, but it was a matter of some urgency for me to leave the house earlier today. Work required me to go to the county seat this morning and I dared not be late.

Water was deep enough on the road to cause a moment of panic when I hydroplaned for a second near my destination. My fear was compounded by the car that attempted to pass me on the right just as I hit the giant puddle that attacked. Everything turned out just fine, though.

I've spent the rest of the morning so far trying to get things scheduled for the next month. Since I've taken over a weekly section of the paper, planning has become a critical matter. My life goes so much easier when I'm not scrambling for a story idea at the last possible moment, hoping I can fill up the cover, let alone the other seven pages of the section. September is a busy month so I have sort of the same problem, but in reverse. I can't have an abundance of material for one week with nothing for the previous week. So, the balancing act begins. Not everyone is happy when I have to re-arrange things, but hey, that's life in the little city.

Back to the grind... I'm still not finished putting some order to this all, so I feel a bit uneasy yet. Time keeps moving along, though, no matter what.

Hope you've got some weather relief, too. If you do, enjoy it -- go splash in a puddle or just feel the air on your face. It's good for you!

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TECH said...

We got a bit of rain here, and things cooled down a lot. Unfortunately the stinkin' weatherman said we have more hot weather coming. I don't think I like him.