Sunday, December 04, 2005

I think I caught something from my computer

Did you ever notice how strong the force of gravity can be when you're ill?

It all started with a little indigestion Friday night, about the time I went to bed. Saturday was completely unpleasant, let's say, and leave it at that. One of those rare days when just the THOUGHT of food was repugnant. By the time I went to bed last night I couldn't get warm, no matter what. I was wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants, thick comfy socks, and was hunkered down under a sheet, a microfleece blanket, a quilt and a doubled-over thermal blanket.

I even missed church today, something I hate to do at any time, but especially during Advent. I think I am finally starting to turn around, but today it is very difficult just to MOVE. That darn gravity is stronger than I am!

My computer is still sick. I still cannot get the virus(es) off of it. I've now decided I will have to concede defeat and get help. Fortunately the man who keeps the church computers running also makes house calls, so I will see if he will come rescue me. I think this virus likes to do redirects when you get busy trying to remove it. Every time I try to use the Norton cleaning tools, I wind up getting a "server not found" screen or I am sent to some advertising screen. I can't even remove Norton Antivirus.

It's enough to make me sick.

Somehow or other, my Palm M515 also got fried or infected. My Data-to-Go program is missing. Well, every add-on program is missing. All my files are gone. It makes me very sad. My Palm was one of the best tools I've ever had. With the folding keyboard, I was able to take notes on interviews and just download them into my Word program. It saved me a LOT of time and headaches because I can type faster than I can write by hand. Sigh. Maybe I'll use my $45 taxpayer rebate to start saving for a replacement. Sigh.

I think I better go back to bed.


Miss Cellania said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! But I also hope you don't give a virus to the guy from the church who makes housecalls.

What's worse than being stuck at home, sick? Being stuck at home, sick, with a computer that doesn't work properly.

FrenziedFeline said...

Please make sure to take care of yourself!

I'm sorry your computer is still acting up, too. Like Cellania said, it's a bummer to be stuck at home with a computer that doesn't work. :(

CrystalDiggory said...

Hope you are feeling well soon. Panera Bread makes a wonderful low fat Chicken noodle soup, if you can get out to it!

Mark said...

Trixie, If you don't mind advice from me, I had a similar problem with my computer and i finally fixed it by calling a computer repairman.

Try that. It should be easy to find a reasonably priced repairman. Computer repair has not turned out to be the pot of gold that those who took computer repair courses had hoped.

Mine costs me $20.00 an hour, and took hum less than 2 hours to fix it.

jeannie diane said...

Hope you are well very soon. I
think I may have had the same
thing. I woke up curled in a
ball, freezing. I fussed at my
husband, bout the wood stove not
keeping the house warm enough.
Went in search of pj bottoms,
socks and another blanket.
I am pretty sure it was me not
the stove.