Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Seven Meme

I picked this up over at E.R.'s place. He tagged me to post my answers, so I did. You might want to see his answers to understand why I posted B7 as I did. I wasn't intentionally offering TMI. Feel free to copy and paste this and insert your own answers in the comments.

A. Seven things to do before I die
1. Find the purpose of my life.
2. Find the geographical place that means "Home" to me.
3. Find a small acreage with the house and barn I dream of.
4. Find the man who would love, cherish and adore me as much as I do him.
5. Form a lasting relationship with #4.
6. Rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed.
7. Travel lots.

B. Seven things I cannot do
1. Stay awake if I hear football.
2. Play cards.
3. Lie convincingly.
4. Shuffle cards.
5. Suffer fools gladly.
6. Whistle.
7. Menstruate (just going with the flow here...)

C. Seven things that attract me to (...)
(any given person)
1. Intelligence.
2. Desire to continue learning.
3. Spirituality.
4. Easy conversation.
5. Sense of humor.
6. Able to put aside arguments.
7. Strong, healthy pink lungs (nonsmoker.

D. Seven things I say most often
1. I'm taking care of it, don't worry.
2. Hi! How are you doing today?
3. Father God, help me.
4. S--t!
5. Hi, this is (---), I'm calling to ask about (---).
6. Oh my.
7. I can't believe it.

E. Seven books (or series or genres or topics) that I love
1. Billie Letts' books.
2. History of housekeeping.
3. History of Oklahoma.
4. Historic homes.
5. Garrison Keilor.
6. The Bible.
7. Books about prayer.

F. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time)
1. "Fried Green Tomatoes."
2. "Laughing Gravy" (Laurel & Hardy).
3. "It's a Wonderful Life."
4. "Meet John Doe."
5. "Sleepless in Seattle."
6. "Ma and Pa Kettle" (any of them).
7. "You've Got Mail."

G. Seven people I want to join in, too.
1. Frenzied Feline.
2. Jeannie Diane.
3. J.T.
4. Nikki.
5. Miranda.
6. Soupy.
7. Viking.


Erudite Redneck said...

Dr. ER started a mini-movement with B7!

FrenziedFeline said...

See me at my place. :)

jeannie diane said...

I will post mine and check
out frenziedfeline too. I
just can't today. Niece getting
married tomarrow night..

FrenziedFeline said...

Happy New Year, Trix! :)

CrystalDiggory said...

Hope you have a very, very Happy New Year!

TECH said...

Trixe ... sweetie ... POST SOMETHING!!! :)

Happy New Year!

JT said...

A. 7 things to do before I die

1. Get up the nerve to ask the current occupants of the first house I remember living in to allow me inside for a walk down memory lane. My last time inside was May, 1963.
2. Drink a 64-ounce Margarita
3. Visit Israel
4. Take a tour of my elementary school, which I was last inside in around 1972.
5. Work out some family misunderstandings
6. Tour Germany, where most of my ancestors came from.
7. Acquire an organizational system that will help me remember where I left my keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.

B. 7 things I can't do.
1. Touch my nose with my tongue -- I have a brother who can and I've always been envious -- why, I don't know.
2. Type on a typewriter.
3. Spell that words that means when you have the "runs." I've studied the word but it doesn't stick in my head. Well, who wants to write about that topic anyway.
4. Parallel park -- unless there are about two football fields inbetween the cars.
5. Read music. (I can correspond notes in sheet music to keys on the piano, but if I just look at the sheet music, I have no idea what the music is supposed to sound like.)
6. Catch a football unless thrown to me by a six-year old.
7. Play chess. A ten-year old tried to teach me. It was a test of my sanity.

C. 7 things that attract me to (any given person)
1. Wit or humor
2. Willingness to try new things.
3. Having a story to tell. Doesn't have to be something heroic, just interesting.
4. Interest in the spiritual.
5. Living by a set of ideals, even if not perfectly followed.
6. Willingness to forgive.
7. Compassion and empathy.

D. 7 things I say most often.
1. Really?
2. That's OK.
3. Don't worry about it.
4. Big deal.
5. Cool!
6. How've you been?
7. What's up?
8. f--k. This is number 8 because I've worked hard to stop saying it.

E. 7 books I love
1. A Separate Peace
2. The Outsiders
3. The Bible
4. The World Almanac (is that a book?)
5. Ordinary People
6. Books by Clive Cussler
7. Books by Jonathan Kellerman

F. 7 movies I watch over and over.
(I don't, actually, but here is the best I can do)
1. The Wizard of Oz
2. The Great Escape
3. Standy By Me
4. The Poseiden Adventure
5. Drugstore Cowboy
6. The Graduate
7. Oklahoma

G. I'm anonymous, I'm a party pooper. No tags.