Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This 'n' That

OK, it's been a while since my last post. It's been too frustrating fighting my computer problems. It may be that my computer is simply too full. I don't know. Haven't had enough time to fool with finding out what the root problem is. Maybe after the first of the year.

Here are some random thoughts, in random order as they pop into my head.

1. It is COLD. Miserably so. I'm trying to be an energy conservator because I got slapped across the face with a $200 gas bill this month. That's ridiculous for one person. I've been keeping the thermostat at about 68-69 degrees until it is just unbearable, then I'll punch it up to 72 for a little while, to thaw out. I've got a programmed thermostat, so it drops back down every six hours or so. I'm sleeping with as many blankets, etc., as my bed will tolerate. During the day I dress in layers and try to follow Jimmy Carter's advice to "put on a sweater!"

2. I have been summoned to celebrate Christmas with family in Missouri. I tried to play the weather card to keep from having to make the drive to northwest Missouri, but I failed. My aunt keeps a vigil on the weather reports and forecasts. So it looks like I'll be driving north on Friday, returning on Monday. It has been ordained. No, my heart isn't really into it. But it's a sacrifice I will make out of love. I really don't need the family reminders...

3. Some people are so wonderful. I had written a story about a couple in their 90s. The husband's second career (maybe third) was as an artist. His daughter appreciated the story so much that she had a print made of his favorite painting and sent it to me. It is lovely and a very touching gesture. The story itself touched my heart; this was above and beyond.

4. I want cookies. I really do. Those nice thick sugar cookies with the icing are leading my cravings, but chocolate chunk would be nice too. I should refrain from baking or eating any sweets. My doctor already called me to yell at me for not checking in with him on my last lab results. I might as well forget about having any holiday treats.

5. Too many bills coming due. Property tax, etc. Good thing I'm not a big spender otherwise.

6. Too cold to do the laundry. This is the major drawback of having the washer and dryer in the garage. I have to wait until the temps are above freezing to do laundry. Fortunately it's not urgent at this point. It should be warm enough tomorrow. I can't risk having the water pump break.

7. I need to get the oil changed in my car and have the tires checked before I travel. Bah. Yet another reason I wanted to stay home.

8. Wanda Sykes for President! Or Oprah Winfrey. Even Whoopi Goldberg. I think a black woman could do a better job than the white men we've had for so long. Well, just as long as they haven't been politicians up til this point.

9. Angst is attacking me again. Can you tell? I've been having very vivid dreams, very telling dreams. And I've been remembering them, long-term. They've been so vivid that I've been awakening before the alarm goes off, already filled with adrenaline. This is not good.

10. Some of my friends have been talking about dating, and the importance of feeling a spark with someone. So I wrote a letter to Santa and asked him to bring me a stocking full of spark!

We also agreed that the lack of wit and sharp conversation pours a bucket of water over any chemistry. Guys who are lame thinkers don't stand a chance.

11. Dang! I need to get to the pharmacy for precription refills. This list is turning into my "to do" list, isn't it?

12. Big Bad VooDoo Daddy is on Leno right now. He had the Brian Setzer Orchestra on the other night. Ahhh, good music. At least fun music.

13. Hmmm. My toes are so cold they are numb. I think I'll go have a cup of cocoa, despite what the doctor would say. Maybe I'll get myself a new pair of walking shoes for Christmas. Whee. Well, everyone needs at least one package to open, right?

14. Christmas letters: I don't hate them as much as I used to. The ones I've received this year have been filled with genuine news instead of self-serving boasting. Oh, wait, there's one friend I still haven't heard from.... (me-ow.)

15. Gah! I want to get the carpets cleaned. It's been too long. I'll do them later.

16. Mrs. Dunwoody and I have been spending more time together. I think she's really my alter ego... If you don't know, she's the character in "Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instruction for Homekeeping." It's not exactly a novel, but she is a fictional character from the 1800s who teaches how to do housework. The author collected advice from the ledgers of many women from that era. I have my great aunt Beulah's receipt book (which is what these were called.) Bobo, as everyone called her, included advice on hog killing, curing hams and making cold-processed lye soap, right along with recipes for chocolate cream pies and butterscotch pudding. And no, none of the recipes included "open a box and ...."

17. I really think I may have to join the modern world and get a cell phone. I've refused, on principle. But it's becoming more of an inconvenience. I really can't afford to have a cell phone, so it's a headache.

18. I need a job. Something to keep me from filling my head with such thoughts as these.

19. Where does depression hurt? It hurts all over.

20. That's it for tonight, dear friends. Come back soon. Maybe we'll talk about the hunger for babies and/or puppies.


FrenziedFeline said...

If I could I would bottle up some warmth for you. Just to be nice I won't tell you how warm it is here. ;)

And I totally agree with #19. I've been fighting it all day!

Cyber {{{hugs}}}!

TECH said...

Ladies, don't do 19! Don't! Let's see what I can think of. How about a naked dance? Yes, that would be fun. Y'all go ahead. I'll hold your clothes ...

Trixie said...

Oh poor Tech! I guess you wouldn't know, but if I did a naked dance, it would be mucho painful for anyone who witnessed it! LOL!

TECH said...

Darlin', I think I should be the judge of that! There is nothing more beautiful than nudity. I don't know why my neighbors keep complaining ... :)

CrystalDiggory said...

I hate being cold, too, Trixie. I dream of laying on warm, diamond white sand under a hot blue sky with the sounds of waves lulling me to sleep...Somebody pass the suntan lotion...

Erudite Redneck said...

Forget 17. I have one and have used it for work only about three times in three years. I only carry it so Dr. ER and Bird (sniff) can reach me when they need to.

TECH said...

A beach sounds wonderful!

I use my cell phone at least twice a week. It's slowly become more useful to me. My roomie uses his all the time.

FrenziedFeline said...

I love my cell phone, but I do try to be polite about it. I turn it off in theaters, I try not to drive while talking, etc. It was the day I had to find a pay phone FOUR TIMES in the space of a few hours that I decided to get a cell phone. Pay phones aren't as prevelant as they used to be--thanks to cell phones.

If I didn't have a child at home, I'd cancel my long-distance service and just use my cell for that. I just don't want DS to have to remember some code for the occasional long-distance service if he had to make an LD call in an emergency. Once he leaves home, I'll probably cancel LD.

Belasarius said...

Hi Trixie,

About your computer issues, I've found that when your hard drives gets down to less than 15-20% freespace on it, the machine starts acting funky. I've got an older machine too, and it was acting up, and I realized I was down to only about 3 gig on my 25 gigabyte drive. I went on a deleting and dumping to CD frenzy, and it was like giving the machine a vitamin pill!

A comment about the cold. I'm up in the frozen Midwest were we've been in the 20's and teens since Thanksgiving. I don't really want a thousand buck gas bill! I bought some extra heavy fleece from JC Penny on sale, I think they call it St. Johns Bay,and am bundled up. I also got one of those radiant dish heaters. With the two, I'm able to keep things down to 60! I read a lot, and the concept of just heating where I am seems to work really well.

The problem is that the cats agree, and attempting to get anything done while two cats jockey for the prime lap position can be distracting.

And a final thought to your post. I met my wife just as she was turning 40. She had long ago decided that she'd rather be single than 'settle' for a substandard relationship. She'd pretty much figured that she was just going to remain single.

We'd both noticed that while men seem to be able to deal with women who are not their intellectual equals, smart women really can't be happy in that sort of relationship.

To cut to the chase..we've been together for 12 years now- so hang in there. The funny thing is that we were neighbors for over a year before we actually met.

I would also suggest that 'sparks' are vastly overrated. With us, it was more like rapidly developing a sense that we'd known each other for much longer than we actually had, and a deep level of comfort and trust. Not the 'Zing!! Wowwie Zowwie' stuff.

TECH said...

Merry Christmas, Trixie!