Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let's discuss the insensitivity issue

This has been a horrible week, compounded by the continuing attacks of another blogger. This morning he posted an "apology." I will give him some credit for his effort, but he still entirely misses the point. And even within that apology, he's continued to make me a target of his attack.

He is completely misguided and yes, INSENSITIVE.

Here's the deal, folks. On Saturday my friend Jim died. I posted about it (you can see it in the Feb. 4 post.) I mentioned the mother of a dear friend was ill, also. And yes, in passing I mentioned TWO other women -- Coretta Scott King and Betty Friedan -- who also happened to die in recent days.

Well, this other blogger took my grief and turned it into a forum for HIS beliefs on abortion (and never let the facts stand in the way of a good tirade.) I was, and continue to be, offended by this. Believe what you want to, write what you believe, stand for your beliefs, but DO IT IN YOUR OWN BLOG. How dare anyone come to a post about the death of a close friend and turn it into a political rant?

And see, that's the part this other poster does not get, even today. He's turned this into an attack, now, on me. Because I am "a horrible liberal." Therefore, he reasons, I must agree with the "murder" of "innocent babies killed by abortion."

This because I won't let him use my post about my friend as an anti-abortion forum.

Insensitive? You bet.

Go ahead, in your own place, and write all you want about that. THAT is where you need to put it.

But when I am telling you, my friends, about the death of a man I sat with, comforted, cared for, read to, prayed over and mourn, keep your issues out of MY blog. This is NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.

I sat with Jim for hours into the night, keeping his lips moisturized, keeping his mouth wet with water in a sponge. I helped reposition him; I turned his pillow to the cool side when he was too warm. I read John 3 and Psalms to him and I helped keep him from trying to pull off his oxygen mask. All this time he was not lucid.

These were private matters, which I did not want to share, but perhaps they will help one Boneheaded man understand a little more clearly why I am still so angry at his empty apology.

This, THIS man, Jim, was a man of value as surely as any of the "murdered innocent babies" you want to focus on. THIS man's life deserves honor and respect. Your comments worked to diminish that and to deepen the pain I've gone through this week.

Since Jim's passing, two more friends have died as well. Two more have been hospitalized with extremely serious conditions.

So, to the Bonehead Blogger, any comments you want to make of a political nature can be made ON YOUR BLOG. Do you get it yet? I am not your target. I do not advocate abortion, although I do believe it is a woman's right to choose, along with her doctor, family and support system, not your right to dictate. But the abortion issue is not why I mentioned Friedan. There is so much more to her work over the decades that you have completely disregarded because of your blind obsession with one issue.


Mark said...

Trixie. I apologize. In retrospect, my comments were insensitive. Please return to my blog once more and read the changes I placed in today's post. If you never want to go back again afterwards, I will inderstand.

Trixie said...

Mark, thank you for your apology. I accept it, and in return apologize for the name-calling. Please chalk it up to extreme exhaustion and exasperation. We'll call it a truce, OK?

Trixie said...

Trixie, I am so sorry for your most recent losses and wish a speedy recovery to those who are newly ill. The sun is shining here today. I only wish the sun were shining where you are...

TECH said...

Trixie, don't forget that WWIN 5 is today! :)