Monday, February 13, 2006

Platte County, MO

Over on E.R.'s blog, we were talking about different kinds of gin, which brought to mind McCormick's Distillery in Weston, Mo. This is an area right in the midst of my family's stomping grounds, since Civil War days. So I thought I'd share some of these photos again.

What we've got here:

The hamlet for which I was named; the store at Vaughn's Orchard (which may have to close after this season because of a terrible pruning job on the orchard's trees); Father Christmas, who strolls the streets of Weston through December; and the sign at the entrance of McCormick Distillery.

Odd thing about McCormick's -- you can't buy their products at the distillery, but they do have McCormick's Country Store in downtown Weston. But you'll be a lucky duck to find it open. They were closed on Christmas Eve and the sign said they would also be closed on New Year's Eve. Now what kind of sales strategy is that, I ask you?


drlobojo said...

Great pictures. It is about time to make a liquer run to the store there.
It seems to me that the sub-burbs are coming pretty fast to this area. I lived in Manassas Virginia when it was a little city. It had a total of four stop lights then. Now it is wall to wall shopping centers and houses with SUVs parked out front, a commuter train stop and a dozen new elementry schools.
It looks like the same thing happening here as the KC cancer is growing out towards Weston big time.
But I've watch them build some big stuff on the flood plain above and below KC that is begging to float off in a 500 year flood, and it has been more than 800 years since a 500 year flood happened there.
(1993 was a 300 year flood but really on affected the river East of KC.)

Trixie said...

You're right, there are certain places along the Missouri River there that would be foolish to build on. I haven't ever had the time to go, but my cousins are talking about us taking a trip over to see the river boats that are now buried in fields, victims of the river's fickle nature.