Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is it spring fever?

I don't know whether things in the blogging world are slower because of spring in general or if people are just busy or bored or what.

I just know that y'all are not entertaining me as much as you should be and I've had to step outside our relationship to find fulfillment (now there's a statement I never dreamed I'd make!!)

Yes, it's true. I've gone blog reading and I've found some very interesting sites. No, not the ones with naked photos!

It started with Trixie in Transit, who has posted here. There really is another blogger named Trixie; I'm not talking to myself, at least not in public! I'm amazed at the things she's doing. Go look at her blog and see all the things she's done just today and in the past week! She must have boundless energy as well as tons of friends and interests.

Through this Trixie, I've found a whole world of other knitters. What fun! One has led to another, and I've discovered interesting people EVERYWHERE! Here are a couple of the ones I'm hooked on lately: The Casting On Couch and Crazy Aunt Purl. Both of these women can WRITE and they have tremendously interesting points of view on life. The fact that they knit is gravy for me.

Through this maze of links and such, I've found other blogs -- some are knitters, some are friends of knitters or others whose blogs I've enjoyed a great deal. One that is just heart-melting sweet is Kuky Ideas. It's a sweet, lovely journal of a baby girl's milestones seen through her parents' eyes. The mom is tremendously gifted as an artist and she uses her gifts to make her blog so much fun! She is a knitter, too. Best picks: The "Silly Parent" series.

Another writer in this bunch is I once was HP, now I'm Mommy. This is her non-mommy blog. She has good mom-family-kids slice-of-life blogs as well which are great fun.

I hope I don't sound like a weirdo finding so much joy in reading about other people's kids. The fact that these are so well-written and just exude family love is so charming. And that's made my life better since I found them.

A kindred spirit is Genevieve, who has posted here. Her blog is Prairie Bluestem, which is the Kentucky version of what I would love my blog to be. Genevieve shares her observation of the life around here with photos and great essays. Sometimes I am stunned that we have so many common interests and seem to have similar outlooks on the sacred bits of our ordinary lives. I'm glad she posted here so I could find her.

Here's wishing all of you great happiness as you, too, explore the blogging world!


Sarabeth said...

Thanks. I like browsing blogs, and I'm surprised at how many are so entertaining. Since Trixie told us about you I have wandered over here a few times to read as well. One day I'll update my links page, but that takes more time than I can find right now.

Trixie said...

Bad bad bad Trixie (speaking to myself here) as I have yet to update my links too. That shall be added to an "office hour" and completed post-haste. I love that you found some of my favorites worthwhile enough to mention in your post!! I am bookmarked Prairie and will start visiting more regularly. I find now that it takes me a couple of hours to read all my favorites (when they have all updated) but much less time in the "slow Spring season." Hugs to you!

Genevieve said...

Such kind words about my humble blog, Trixie. It gives me a lot to live up to, but thank you. :D

TECH said...

Humph. I say again, HUMPH!