Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The prayer shawl is finished!

No more photos after this thread, I promise, but I did a progression of finishing off the prayer shawl.

First, the instructions say to cut 76 pieces of yarn, 54 inches long. Hmmm. Let me find something that's about 27 inches so I can wrap the yarn around it.

This is close enough. It's a Flip 'n' Fold! It's a fringe maker! Woo hoo!
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OK, so round and round the yarn goes. I lost count, but if I need more, I can make another wrap.
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Cut the yarn at one end to make the strands the right length.
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Take two strands, then fold them in half twice to make eight strands. Aha! One end has four loops. Poke a crochet hook into the edge of the shawl, grab those four loops and pull them through.
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OK, take the other end, thread it through the four loops, and then pull down to make a tassel.

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Trim the ends of the tassels and tie a knot at the end of each strand (This yarn unravels like crazy. Might not need to do this on other yarns.)

Repeat all the way across both ends of the shawl.

And look here: it's DONE!!

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It's now had a bath in the washing machine and is drying on towels spread out on my bed. The fringe tangled up pretty bad in the wash because it is so long. After it dries, I may need to trim the frayed ends off the fringes. I'll see how it looks. Next time: much shorter fringe or a knitted border instead.

Thanks for following the progression of the prayer shawl! It'll go to church tomorrow to be given to someone.


FrenziedFeline said...

The nice thing about long is you can always make it shorter. :)

It looks really nice, Trixie. I'm sure it will bring some comfort to someone.

TECH said...

It looks good, Trixie. I admire people who are good at crafts.

Michelle said...

It's beautiful Trixie. I love those colors.