Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday 5:37 p.m.

Head hurts.
Head hurts.
Head hurts.

The work week is over. No annoying carry-over problems. It is finished.

Head hurts.

I am hungry. This morning I needed to go to the hardware store and Radio Shak to acquire necessities. On the way I stopped at McDonald's for breakfast.

I picked up things like washers for the garden hose, spray paint for my clothesline poles (nyah! I still HAVE clothesline poles and I don't think many people can say that!) I also picked up some stylin' turquoise colored coated clothesline wire. This weekend I want to put my handy solar dryer back in service! I've lived here 10 years this month and I've never used my clothesline! First, when I moved in, there was no way for me to get from the washing machine in the garage to the clothesline in the back yard without going all the way through the house to the front door and then back around to the back yard.

Since then I've remodeled the kitchen and had a window changed into a door. I love my door. Now I can go directly from the kitchen to the back yard. I even had a set of steps built -- so much better than just falling to the ground! My grill and smoker -- as yet unused :^( -- reside just outside the back door. It is just a few more steps out to the clothesline.

With utility bills soaring and my relative income not keeping up, I'm turning back to simpler days where self-reliance and do-it-yourself determination made it possible to survive. (Oh come on now, I'm not using an outhouse or chopping my own firewood. I'm just going to start using a clothesline as much as possible to save a few bucks!) I also plan to start sewing some of my clothes again.

Head hurts!

In keeping with my simplicity movement, I wish I had started something cooking in the crock pot this morning. I would have something to eat by now. But no, my fridge is fairly empty and I've well depleted the pantry. And I am hungry.

Head hurts.

I am free tonight. Nothing hanging over my head. No social obligations. Computer runs virus scan on Friday nights so I won't be shackled here in my chair. I love times like this.

Head hurts.

I wrote more than 4,000 words this week -- actually much, much more, but then had to cut it back to the ballpark of 4,000 words. More trimming was done by others. Number of published words will be slightly less, I predict. I also did some photography to go with some of those words. Nothing worthy of sharing here.

Head hurts.

I am going to stop now and forage somewhere for food. I will take my car and use up some precious gasoline to buy food that is not good for me or my diet. I will consume plenty of dark brown bubbly goodness in the form of Diet Coke.

Oh, I better remember to turn the sprinkler off. I was so excited to put a new washer in the garden hose that I've let the sprinkler run virtually all day.

Hmm. Sprinkler water hitting the hot concrete driveway. I bet the smell alone will make my head stop hurting!

See ya!


Genevieve said...

Trixie, I hope you have a good weekend. I hung clothes on the line for years before I finally got a dryer -- it's not too difficult and your laundry smells wonderful after being sun-dried. Another easy way to cut back on energy is to set the water heater to a cooler temperature. If that headache persists, go to the doctor, though. Don't cut any corners there!

Trixie said...

Thanks, Genevieve. I feel much better now that I've gotten away from this machine for a few hours, got some food and took a nap. It's been a week of early rising and late nights, juggling more plates than usual. I think the weekend will do wonders for me!

I grew up in a "clothesline household." My mom would not even consider getting a dryer until after I had gone to college, and only then got a small apartment-size unit for the heavy items during bad weather. I think going to the clothesline daily was a time for her to connect with her spirit and the universal condition. (I may be overstating it, but it seemed like that to me because she was very selfish about that particular chore.)

FrenziedFeline said...

How nice that you ended up with nothing on your plate (well, not the literal food part!)

Maybe your mom felt about the clothesline like I do about vacuuming. It's mindless and you can just let your mind wander. :)

Trixie said...

I love a clothesline that doesn't have any mold on it. My grandmother had one which was spotless and used everyday until her cancer was too advanced and we had to put in a dryer. I had no idea that clothesline comes in turquoise! FABULOUS!