Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tired, hot and sweaty

It was another long work day. To wind down, I went out to the back yard for a few minutes, thinking about what I'd do if I had the money to do some landscaping. The frustration of poverty set in about the same time the mosquitos started biting, so I changed gears and went to clean out the garage.

Yeah, that garage of mine ... it is was the pits. There was no way I could walk from one end to the other, which has been a major frustration.

Habitat for Humanity is making a donation pickup tomorrow, so it was a great opportunity to cull out things I no longer need or want. Once I got started, I really got the purging fever!

As a result, there's a big pile of stuff on my front porch with yellow Habitat for Humanity stickers all over them to identify them as donations. The floor has been swept (well, much better than it has been in years). I found things that I tossed in the wash and will bag up to add to the pile in the morning. They are useable items but far too dirty to donate as they were.

The final status of the garage:

Lawn equipment neatly lined up and accessible (YAY!)
Like items grouped together (YAY!)
Old, useless items discarded in the trash (YAY!)
Floor swept (YAY!)
Found sprinkler and watered front yard (YAY!)

Sure, there is more to do, but continued work will be much easier with a clearer floor surface.

GAH! I just scared the fool out of myself when I spied a june bug on my shoulder. I guess that's the price I have to pay for delaying this task for so long.

All that's left to do tonight is to finish washing those items, then take a long, hot shower before collapsing into bed. Hopefully it will be at a relatively human hour. Maybe I'll get a "full" night's sleep tonight for a change!


Genevieve said...

My daughter tells me that girls don't "sweat". Rather, they "glow" or "glisten". I think "glistening" is stage two of "glowing". :D Congratulations on your clean garage. I need to build more shelves before true order will ever be achieved in our shed -- or do as you did and just get rid of a lot of stuff.

TECH said...

Wonderful, Trixie! You know what would be even greater? Coming to my house and cleaning my garage! :) You know you want to ...