Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God bless city workers!

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A city crew was just here picking up the tree that the chain saw hero cut up last night. Not only that, but they removed the big honkin' part of the tree that had been holding me captive, blocking my driveway. Now, it just looks like my tree has been on a severe diet.

I had called the leader of my church's mission team to ask for help. He is rounding up some of the men from church who have chain saws. The great news now is there is much, much less for them to do. The urgency has passed somewhat (provided we don't have another potent wind storm before they can come help me.) I do have a little concern that it wouldn't take much for this to topple over onto my house.

I've had some micro-vision of this. I went out to thank the workers and one of the guys told me that there are several houses down the street with uprooted trees. They are down past the bend where I can't see them. I pity everyone who has lost trees.

Even worse, the neighborhood has suffered a huge loss, apparently. The worker said that the NW 19 Boulevard, next street from me, lost many trees. It's a divided street with a long median through several neighborhoods. Many of the old, lovely trees in the median have been lost, along with those at homes adjacent.

The neighborhood will never look the same. This neighborhood was built in the 1950s and the trees were planted at that time. How sad.


FrenziedFeline said...

I was going to suggest using (or selling) it as firewood, but thought I'd research it a little before I suggested it. It was humorous that I found several places that said the best way to prune a Bradford Pear was "with a chainsaw about 1/8" above the ground." Apparently anyplace that has ice and/or wind storms shouldn't plant them. Perhaps you've been lucky to have been able to keep it as long as you did, and especially that you weren't hurt. Maybe you should tether the tree until your helpers can get there if there's the chance that there will be another wind like that.

That said, I'm sorry that you lost your tree. I'm sorry for your whole neighborhood. I love tree-lined medians. :(

Stay safe!

Trixie said...

That's really pretty funny!

My church guys will be here in a couple of hours. I'll post a new photo of what it looks like now.

Erudite Redneck said...

Wow! It just got dark fast here. Steady. pouring rain and a few gusts is all.

So sorry to see yer trees go down!

FrenziedFeline said...

That's a big boo-boo!

Trixie said...

It's really sad, since the left side of the tree looks like that too. It really is so top-heavy now that I'm sure it would go without much provocation. I can't wait to get out later and see the rest of the neighborhood.