Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm Home! I'm HOME!

It's been a good mini-vacation of sorts, house sitting for my friend Anne. She and her mother and son got home from their vacation this morning. She was kind enough to call me about 8:15 to say they were about an HOUR from home! EEK! I had decided to sleep in, thinking they wouldn't be home until late afternoon or early evening! So I hit the floor running, getting a shower, stripping the bed and tossing some laundry in the washer. (Sigh.) I am so glad she had a working washer. I had done a load of wash from my previous days at her house. Since my washer broke on the couple of days I was home, I was either going to have to do a load at her house or hit the laundromat. What a choice...

Anyway, after I got dressed and loaded up my stuff, I thought it would be a good idea to attack some of the dog hair tumbleweeds that had formed over the past week and a half. Oh my goodness. The blue eyed/brown eyed dog left enough fur to make at least two guinea pigs!

So I swiffered and mopped and dusted and washed the sliding glass door inside and out. And I used one of those Swiffer dusters on the leather couch and ottoman.

The one thing I didn't get done that I wanted to get done was changing the guinea pig's litter. That would have been a nice touch, but they'll get it after they wake up from their post-travel snooze. The three of them traded off driving all night.

They caught me mid-mop and I was doing the windows as they unloaded their vehicle, to keep Emma the Dog outside and entertained so they wouldn't have to struggle with dog and luggage at the same time.

When I came back in, it was just like any family-- as soon as the cleaning was done, it looked like a tornado struck! But that's OK. I'm glad they made it home safely and had a really refreshing Sabbath time away from home with other members of their family. Yay!

I felt a little like Donna Reed and June Cleaver this morning, shining up the place a little. I brought all the cleaning supplies home with me (they were mine-- I got some new cleaners because I didn't know where hers were stored.) While I'm inspired I am going to try to continue the cleaning spree here! I got home before the trash truck and recycling truck came through, so that's a plus. The dead stuff in my fridge is waiting for them at the curb.

I also got some knitting done last night. Photos later -- I knitted some dish cloths as a housewarming present for their new place. We'll be having a big moving day on Saturday.

It's nice to focus on my little house this week instead of some 20,000 square foot manse. Home, Sweet Home. May it always be thus!


FrenziedFeline said...

So how do you like those swiffer dusters?

Glad you enjoyed your time away. We used to housesit for my parents (before they moved from the state) just for the get-away. Their house was four times as big as our apartment, so it was like a resort!

Too funny that it looked like a tornado when they got unloaded! ;)

Trixie said...

It was kind of amazing. I turned my back for two minutes and wah-la, the living room was full of suitcases, shoes that had been kicked off, and pocket lint from where they all dumped out what they had been carrying on themselves. I felt like the mom of 13-year-olds all of a sudden! It was so funny!
I like the Swiffer things, especially for getting dog hair off of leather furniture. The Swiffer itself did a lovely job of rounding up the tumbleweeds of dog hair before I did a wet mop. It's interesting -- it works so much better there than it does at my house since I don't have critters.

Anne brought me some presents too -- a stuffed Mr. Moose from Yellowstone and a beautiful book of photography from there, signed with a personal note by the photographer. I can't wait to recline with that and spend some time dreaming of traveling.

Genevieve said...

Mid pleasures and palaces
though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble,
there's no place like home.

There's much more to the poem/song, but that's all I really know.