Friday, December 08, 2006

What a night

I've been painted up and duded up tonight -- there's even HAIR SPRAY in my graying locks.

The fancy dress is back in the closet until there's another "occasion" and it's time to scrub off the extra makeup before my face cracks.

Yes folks, it was all for a Christmas Banquet -- a formal occasion for a professional association, which I was invited to attend when an editor/friend couldn't go.

There's a big ol' part of me that hates this stuff, being the unhitched person I am. I go to these things alone, which is in itself intimidating enough. And though I know many people in this particular industry, I'm still the odd person out, which can be mighty uncomfortable.

It probably was not as bad as I feared earlier. I had on my good-smellum and some shiny object hanging around my neck, to go with the ozone-depleting spray that lacquered my hair, so no one stared agog at me like I was some freak. I shared a table with six people, none of whom were actually members of this industry. They were "associate members" of the association, meaning they are in related fields and were invited to create even tighter business connections for the new year.

Dinner was great, I have to say. Prime rib AND lobster, with asparagus and doctored up potatoes and a great little chocolate mousse with berries. My companions and I were seated at the "undone" table. Silverware had been tossed on the table, sort of in place settings, but sloppily, and without napkins, centerpiece, glasses or drink pitchers. Yeah, the crew got distracted before they finished up our table, and I had to ask four times for someone to bring us napkins. But hey, we pretty much wound up with what we needed and we all enjoyed our meal and our conversations.

There were plenty of awards and installation of officers. That's where the people I know were -- at the numbered tables in the center front of the room. The new president of this group had his family and employees there, and they took up well over half of all the seats in the room. It was great fun watching them celebrate his installation.

I made my departure when the dancing portion of the program started. It was a good time to say goodnight to my table companions.

I'll feel better when the makeup comes off and I can brush the glue out of my hair. Getting fancy is nice, once in a while, but getting normal is even better.


Erudite Redneck said...

Lobster!?! Wow. Glad you had a good time. :-)

FrenziedFeline said...

No pictures??

Trixie said...

No pictures. It was stressful enough seeing myself in the mirror without having permanent reminders!

FrenziedFeline said...


Genevieve said...

Surely you've recovered by now, Trixie. It's time to post again. ;)

Rave said...

You shoul dpost again! I agree with genevieve!

(new to the blog- but still a local)