Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wow, you want more?

Hi there everyone, and welcome to Rave! Glad to have another local reader!

When I started to write today's update, I took advantage of the opportunity to switch over to Blogger Beta. I think they've gotten enough of the bugs worked out to make it worthwhile now to go ahead. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work correctly.

Well, no, the hairspray and makeup stuff didn't really kill me, but it has been a pretty busy week or so since I last posted. That's usually a very good thing because it means more income, but more importantly it means I'm getting to meet new people. And most of the people I meet are incredibly interesting in some form or fashion. It's always a pleasure to be able to tell their stories about their lives and what they are doing.

And of course the holidays are upon us. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. My handbell choir will be playing for the morning service -- we've cut back to just one morning service for tomorrow only because we'll have three evening services with communion.

I've got a project in the works this afternoon. The granddaughter of my friend (associate minister at my church) is getting a baby dollie for Christmas. And I happened to have some fleece at the house, so I am going to make a no-sew blankie for the little girl, with one for the dollie to match, plus a matching pillow so they can all take their naps together. The fleece happens to match a prayer blanket I made for the little girl's great-grandmother last month. (see photo below)

I wish you all a very happy Christmas eve and Christmas day! May the joy of Christ's birth be in your heart! That's the best story any of us could ever tell.

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Erudite Redneck said...

Since they keep whinin' about not havin' anyone to hoist the big bells, I'm thinking of jining the handbell bunch at my church. Just in time for Easter!

I can sorta follow, but cannot read, music. The director claims I'll learn to reAd music by jining. What say ye?

Trixie said...

I say join NOW! You will pick it up very easily, I know. Basically, if you can follow along you will recognize where your note is. Often we have beginners use a highlighter to mark their notes throughout a piece just so you see them all, and all you have to do is ring it when it comes up.

I just got home from church so I'm still jingling myself from playing. We did a magnificent procession in with the bells today, down the center aisle and around the perimeter. The piece was Joy to the World, and as we made our way up to the choir loft during this procession, there were times where we stopped and the organ played and then we picked up again. When we got to the loft there was a grand modulation to the key the hymn is sung in, and the congregation rose to sing while we continued playing with the organ. It was Goosebump City, I tell ya!

You should join right away and find out if your bell choir goes to the festival in Tulsa in February. This is an annual road trip we make and it is a blast. There are dozens of bell choirs that gather at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. We spend the whole morning rehearsing together, then take a lunch outing, then come back to perform in concert -- hundreds of bell ringers playing together. It doesn't matter how good you are, it is worth the experience and will help everyone become better players.

I'm downright excited about the notion that you might become a ringer!!! YEAH!!!

And every handbell choir needs the big guys to play the big bells. I can barely lift them. There's no way I could play them. You will love learning the different techniques that bring out different sounds.