Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why no photos of my house?

This is why. I've been here a month now, and the unpacking is just not getting done. My time at home has been so limited, I simply haven't had the time and/or energy for this job. Things went pretty well at first, while I was desperately looking for my laptop and my camera. Since I found those, the work has come to a screeching halt.

How do you like the box that says "This end up"?

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Puuuuleeeeze--we've all been there when we've moved! :)

Just try to do one box a day, half a box if it's big or full of lots of little stuff.

I like architecture and interior design, so I like to look at both the inside and outside of other people's houses. We're family here, Trix, I'll take you how you come. :)

By the way, you should get that propane tank out of your house. We don't want a hole in your house or you!

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Trixie said...

There was some movie a few years back, and I can't recall the name of it, but a package is delivered marked "FRAGILE". One of the characters said "It must be from Italy. See, it says

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drlobojo said...

The movie was "Christmas Story".
The lamp with box is available for purchase:

Trixie said...

Yes! The leg lamp!