Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Morning Rain

It's raining this morning. It's that glorious sort of "break-the-August-heat" rain that drops the temperatures about 20 degrees and makes the hot pavement smell so good.

On days like this it is really hard to come to work. These are days for reading in bed, with a window open slightly (just enough for the smell and sounds to come through without the water.)

It's the kind of day for baking bread, making soup and sewing. Or ironing.

Yeah, I said it. Rainy days are perfect days for ironing. I really kind of like ironing, when it's not overwhelming or urgent. I did quite a lot this past weekend. Now that I have the ironing board set up in my dining room it's easier to throw something on there and give it a good steamy press.

My closets are filled up again. Sometimes I don't realize just how many clothes I have when everything is stuffed into hampers and baskets or living in the dryer. When everything is pressed and organized in the closet, it is easy to be grateful for the blessings of plenty. And how nice it is to have sections of skirts all together and sections of slacks and then shirts. I am grateful indeed.

Do rainy days trigger memories or attitudes in you like this?

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I just want to cocoon on rainy days. I kind of liken it to an expectant mother "nesting." :)

I've got some ironing here if you run out at your house. ;)