Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good food at my house tonight

I've been making soup all day. The long-cooking, good for you, good for your spirit, good for what ails you kind of chicken soup you cannot get in a can.
The recipe is Here, at Posie Gets Cozy. This is Alicia Paulson's blog, but the recipe is made by her cute husband Andy.

I'm telling you, this smells SO good that a man walking into my door would want to marry me on the spot.

Of course, this soup takes a long time to cook. I haven't even gotten to taste it yet. I'm just now at the point where I've taken the chicken out and I'm letting it cool before I debone it and shred it.

Meanwhile, the aroma made me ravenous. I've been craving broccoli salad, so I've made that too, with the recipe from Here, at "How to Cook Like Your Grandmother" by Drew Kime.
Oh man. Drew can COOK. And he does it, all from scratch. No canned nothing, no frozen this or that, no artificial nonsense. Just good wonderful food. He also does not believe in secret recipes. I agree with him 1000 percent! Share the goodness, people!

OK I have to confess that I had to put away the broccoli salad before I ate it all. I think I polished off about half of it before I realized my gluttony. I have to save some room for the soup later, after all!

Make these recipes. Eat these recipes. Share these recipes.

Now, everyone say YUMMMMMmMMmmmmmmmmmm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Nothing like a good sleep after good food, after all.)

Thanks Andy. Thanks Drew. It's good to swap recipes with you guys. (Oh, you mean I have to share one of my own now? Hmmm. I'll be back.)

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Drew Kime said...

Trixie, go ahead, eat the rest of the broccoli. You kept the pasta out of the soup, so you'll be able to reheat it tomorrow.