Thursday, September 30, 2004

Random longings

I realize my posts have been rather melancholic lately. It's probably because I stay up so late at night and let serious thoughts take up the space in my brain that should be reserved for dreaming.

So tonight, I'll share some random longings -- things I'd like to add to this season of my life.

First, when I left the office life a couple of years ago, I had two goals. I wanted to learn to play the fiddle and I wanted to learn to weld.

Both of those pursuits still interest me. I did buy a fiddle. The welding idea came about when I spent hours day-dreaming of turning the hood of a former boss's car into a coyote sculpture. (That was another signal that it might be time to work from home.)

Maybe I'll put feet on my thoughts and do something to make them realities. The artistic parts, not the vandalism parts.

I also want a hammered dulcimer to add to my collection of instruments.

I'd like to burn my candles all day and make my house smell like my favorite gift shop. And I'd like to play soft, inspiring music to help me relax.

I'd like to never see another mouse. Especially not in my house. I'm so serious about this I am considering building a house with steel framing and insulated concrete forms -- and learning to tolerate a cat. He'd have to earn his keep, though, because I am really a dog person.

Which reminds me... I wouldn't mind having a puppy. I had a much beloved dog for 15 years -- a stray poodle that was about 5 years old when she came into my life. Problem is, a puppy that lives that long most likely will outlive me, or see me start drawing Social Security.

Sounds like I need a vacation to Silver Dollar City... I haven't been since I was married. That wasn't a fun trip because of my ex's obsessive-compulsive disorder and his anxiety about taking a road trip. Maybe I'll treat myself next week. Good plan!

I'd like to live a life where a denim jumper was appropriate work attire and no one would look at you weird if you started singing Gospel songs out loud for no reason other than your soul needs to.

Here's a nice site to check out when you're having a bluesy day. It includes 36 sensible ideas for overcoming stress, from a Christian perspective. Nice background music, too.


FrenziedFeline said...

You're too funny--love the line about the "artistic parts, not the vandalism parts." Strangely, I can identify with that...hmmm.

I had wanted to learn to play the piano right up until I met DH and his dad wanted his son's wife to play the piano. For SOME reason, I no longer wanted to learn...hmmm.

I'm with you on the mouse situation, though I have to say you have it over me on that. I've only seen one in the house. Maybe the neighbor's cats are actually doing a better job than I give them credit for, and I just need to forgive them for letting that one get by. As much as I'm a cat person, I don't own one at the moment. When I get one, at least I'll be fortified both inside and out. >^..^<

I definitely think you should get yourself a dog if you want one, though. Keep in mind all the studies that pets help you live longer, and they keep you company in your old age. ;) Here's a thought--I have a friend whose dog catches mice. I don't know how you shop for a mouse-catching dog, but you never know.

Loved the site you noted. DS and I were reading the list together and got a kick out of some of those. :)

Trixie said...

Dear New Friend offered to help me out with the mouse thing -- he asked if I preferred a .22 or a shotgun approach. Glad to report that last night's siting was a cricket rather than a rodent, although I KNOW I saw another mouse the night before (I went through some great angst in the spring and managed to kill several. It's always a hollow victory because a new crew always seems to show up at the next change of season. Fire may be my next method.)

Tonight I'm going to run to the grocery store for some sort of comfort food for supper. Then I'm packing it in, lighting my candles and listening to some music. I hate that the presidential debate is tonight. There would be a certain amount of "citizen guilt" if I decline to watch.

TECH said...

That site is cool!