Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Saturday!!

Woot! I just finished the work I wish I had gotten finished yesterday (and I'm not alone in that...) But it is DONE now, I say gratefully. And it's not even noon Saturday yet.

So here are my options for the weekend:

Mistletoe Market! One of my favorite annual events at the State Fairgrounds (a scant mile or less from my home.) Lots of good shopping for gifts -- for others or myself. FUN FUN FUN... lots of unusual food items are among the goods for sale. Clothing, jewelry, household items are also available. Maybe I'll find a gift for my high school journalism teacher. A friend and I will be flying to Portland, Ore., next week to see her for the first time in 30+ years. MORE FUN!

Oklahoma City Woodcarvers' Show! Yeah! While I'm out at the fairgrounds anyway for Mistletoe Market, I'll stop by the Centennial Building to see the woodcarvers' show. I just did a story this week about one carver who has created a cougar out of a 600-pound elm tree trunk. The carving took him just about two weeks. I last saw it a couple of days before it had to be delivered to the show. He's since added the stains to the face, and I'd love to see the final product, as well as the work of other carvers. That's a hobby I've always thought about taking up. Apparently my mother had similar thoughts, as I found a set of carving knives after her death. I wish she had given it a try. I would have loved seeing her creative side.

Dog obedience trials! Yet another fairgrounds event! Maybe I'll peek in to see how the dogs are doing. I love dogs. I miss having a special dog of my own.

Tomorrow: Linwood Place Home Tour. I may go see all the houses on this tour. I love home tours and write about a LOT of them. Yes! It's always fun to see someone else's house. And I am ALWAYS amazed that people will open their doors and let me come in. Sometimes even when I just knock on their door to ask them a question -- this happened yesterday in another neighborhood. People can be very hospitable. I hope I just have a trustworthy face.

More work: I've got a couple of stories I'm working on for another editor. One is interesting, one is so-so. On the so-so story, the more interesting story is a character study of the people I talked to. Maybe someday I can post about that, when I don't run the risk of identifying them. Maybe they will be a part of my life during NaNoWriMo.

Lawn mowing: It has to happen at some point this weekend. Hopefully it will be the last mowing of the year! Also I have some pansies to plant that are starting to look a little bad around the edges.

What are you doing this weekend? Are you going to have fun?? I plan to!

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Fladnag said...

You can probably guess what I'm doing this weekend, and no, it's not much fun. My cousin and I are going to put together a slideshow for the memorial, and that will be fun, but we will have to work fast. The service is going to be Tuesday at 6:30 at Southern Hills.

Check your PTs at Castaways, I have a question for you. Thanks.