Friday, February 16, 2007

You have those days when you run through Jell-o?

Today was one, I guarantee it! Needed to write a story before leaving to drive up to Guthrie, but it was two sentences forward, one sentence backward. I started getting ready to leave, and the phone rang time after time. I finally have everything ready to walk out the door at the proper time. I had printed out the Mapquest directions and everything.

I know I should have trusted my instincts and taken the route I knew was closer, but instead of taking the state highway (kind of the "back way"), I trusted Mapquest. Not always the smart thing to do. Certainly wasn't today.

All of a sudden I see that I'm going to be late. Can't figure out how in the world, but I pulled over and made a couple of calls so the photographer and the subject would go ahead before a speech started. I fully expected to be there within 10 minutes.

Oh what a fool! 10 minutes??? What a laugh.

The phone rang, and I couldn't find it. It had slipped between the console and the seat and I had to pull over to find it. Greeeat... I expected it to be related to my destination. But when I found the phone and listened to the message, it was totally unrelated. Grrrr.

I got to Guthrie and tried to find the destination. Hee hee heeeeeeee!! Yeah. Dear Old Mapquest led me to areas of the town that are frequently flooded. There are no through streets where MapQuest is sending me. Just muddy dirt trails.

I get to the railroad crossing and there's a train which has been sitting there for a good, long time. I figure better to find an alternate route. After all, these are supposed to be numbered streets and I can probably figure out a different route to the right cross street.

Nu-uh. No way. I counted streets, thought I was in the right spot, and wind up circling around the creek that floods, on the opposite side of town. OH MY WORD!!

Do you have any idea what time I got to my 1 p.m. appointment? Guess.

No, it wasn't 10 minutes. It wasn't even 20 minutes. I didn't even get to the location until 2 p.m.!! I wanted to hurt someone.

OK, I got there. And then the guard at the gate asked for my driver's license. No problem. No problem.

Are you kidding???? It took me another 5 minutes to find my card holder. Know why? Because it was UNDER MY PHONE!

Yes indeed, I missed the speech completely. But I had called the guy who was speaking before he went on stage and told him I would meet up with him after the event ended. All's well that ends well, but man!! I was so glad to go home.


Anonymous said...

I so hate when days like that happen! Jell-o might be too easy, perhaps fudge sauce? ;)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind running through fudge sauce... ;)

Crystal Diggory

Trixie said...

Hmmmm. Perhaps I just need to adjust my thinking!

jeannie diane said...

I think fudge sauce would be good.
You could make it healthy. Dip a
banana in it. Then roll it in nuts.
Top it off with whip cream.

Yea I know the only healthy part is
the banana. But nuts are healthy too.

Hope your day goes better. :-)

Genevieve said...

My hubby had a similar experience this past weekend with Google Map directions. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to have more than one version of those internet map-service directions and check them against one another, maybe.

Trixie said...

Ah, yes, I think that's an idea I'll adopt. Surely two of those sites can't make the same error, right?