Friday, August 20, 2004

Looking forward to a party

I guess I could characterize this phase of my life as a search for balance.

For the umptee-umpth years I worked in the office, I was consumed by work. No balance -- no fun, little leisure, just a workaholic. Heck, I rarely went out to lunch. I don't even know where the good spots are.

Now for the past couple of years, I'm rebuilding and reinventing. I'm rediscovering the things that put joy in my life -- chiefly, spending leisure time with other people or working together on meaningful projects.

Tomorrow my singles group is going bowling. It's been a few years since I went with a pastor friend's youth group to bowl. It was a blast because the kids delighted in making fun of us "old fogies." What a hoot! Before that, I'm sure it was 25 years since the previous bowling experience.

Sunday we're having our fourth workday making crafts for our church pumpkin patch celebration. We're the church with the big pumpkin patch at NW 63 and Northwest Highway (Grace United Methodist Church.) We'll have pumpkins starting when the truck arrives Oct. 2. Our festival, Pumpkin Day, is Oct. 10 -- guaranteed fun for everyone in the family!

In September, we'll be working on our second Habitat for Humanity House in this group. For many, many years I worked on Christmas in April homes (now known as Rebuilding Together.) Both of these organizations are doing God's holy work providing safe, healthy shelter in the community.

Shine on, Harvest Moon!

But to the party!!! I'm having a Harvest Moon party for the singles at the end of September. Harvest Moon is the full moon in September. Because of the dates, the party will be just a couple of days before the actual full moon, but moonrise that night will be at just the right time -- around 6:30ish. It's going to be a full-on cornball get-together with a barbecue and group singing and stories. My big assignment is getting a fire pit and new barbecue grill for the occasion. Stay tuned -- there will be a lot of preparations for the fun. Wahoo!


FrenziedFeline said...

Sounds like I need to take party lessons from you (see my blog, on how to give/survive giving a party. If nothing else, I need to get out of my funk and find something positive to blog about--lol. (Is blog a verb as well a noun??)

Sounds like great fun--wish I were closer to OK! :)

Trixie said...

Now that would be fun! Wish you were close too! I'm going to visit your blog now (I use blog as a noun or a verb. Probably as an adjective and adverb sometimes as well!)