Tuesday, August 17, 2004

An unexpected parade

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I was watching a movie with a friend in Tulsa on a recent Sunday night when we heard music, growing increasingly louder. At first I thought it was someone's boom box, but soon it was clearly not that. I looked out the front door to see a parade going past his house, in an older residential area.

Several thousand people were involved, all celebrating the dedication of a replica of a holy icon and a Mass at the Expo Square Pavilion. They marched from the pavilion to St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, which was dedicated as a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The crowd was mostly Hispanic, but there were several participants wearing native Indian tribal dress. People carried flags, banners of flowers, crosses and a platform with the icon.

For me, it was a rare moment of serendipity. I'm not Catholic, but the celebration of faith was an inspiration for all who saw it. How often do we see such a parade going down our streets?


Erudite Redneck said...

I wish IIIII enjoyed the leisure life of the freelance writer, so IIIII could learn how to put purdy pitchers on myyyy blog, but noooo, I have to "work" 95 percent of the time I'IIIm behind a computer, and don't have tiiime to do such fund things! ;-) Good for you!

Trixie said...

Hey,if YoUUUUU had spent as much time learning HTML and related codes, Youuuuuuu toooooo could make your place a piece of art.

You ought to know by now that I am a crazed obsessive person when it comes to formatting stuff. It is my forte.

Stay tuned for other colors -- this is more fun than the hairdresser's.

TECH said...

I promise, ThePress, putting pics on your blog isn't hard. Just use search Help on Blogger, and you'll discover how easy it is to post photos using Hello and Picasso. If I can do it, anyone can!

And Trixie, an unexpected parade sounds like just the thing that we all need in our lives sometimes. I may post on that thought after I think about it a bit.

Trixie said...


I also use www.photobucket.com as my photo hosting site.

I sized my photo down because it was skewing the margins and bumping the text in the left column down under all the posts. Eventually I'll figure out what the right width is. It looks too small to me right now. I may have to resubmit it to photobucket and try again.

You all may see that I like playing with colors and stuff.

Trixie said...

Oh yay! That worked fine!