Monday, February 21, 2005

50 of my favorite things

Thanks to Tech at 51313 Harbor Street for this meme. Feel free to take a peek, then take the questions and answer them for yourself. I'd love to see what your favorites are, too!

1. My favorite color: Cobalt blue. Ruby red is up there too.
2. My favorite TV show: Hmmm. I have several that I like to catch. It would be difficult to pick one over another; If forced, I'd have to say Dr. Phil.
3. My favorite movie: Fried Green Tomatoes. Time for another showing.
4. My favorite drink: Diet Coke.
5. My favorite cookie: My homemade chocolate chunk cookies.
6. My favorite candy bar: Hershey bars.
7. My favorite potato chip: I try to avoid them because I'm not picky.
8. My favorite hamburger: Sonic Number 2 Cheeseburger, no lettuce.
9. My favorite vehicle: John Deere Mule, out on an open pasture.
10. My favorite author: It would be impossible to pick one.
11. My favorite song: Which genre? I love many different types of music.
12. My favorite singing group: I couldn't pick just one.
13. My favorite food: Mexican.
14. My favorite pet: Dog.
15. My favorite musical: "Baby" -- only because I saw it in person on Broadway in 1984.
16. My favorite male movie star: Tom Hanks.
17. My favorite female movie star: Meg Ryan.
18. My favorite male TV star: Christopher Meloni.
19. My favorite female TV star: Oprah Winfrey.
20. My favorite clothes: Jeans, T-shirt and tennies.
21. My favorite computer: Gateway.
22. My favorite internet service: Southwestern Bell.
23. My favorite kiss: Any that involve me as a participant.
24. My favorite web site:
25. My favorite religion: Christianity.
26. My favorite religious flavor: United Methodist.
27. My favorite hobby: Music performance.
28. My favorite wild land animal: Armadillos. Fascinating critters if you see 'em alive.
29. My favorite wild sea animal: Dolphins.
30. My favorite political party: Democrat, of course.
31. My favorite Congressman: Hillary Clinton.
32. My favorite president: Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. JFK if he had been able to complete his term.
33. My favorite national park: Glacier National Park.
34. My favorite national monument: Statue of Liberty. Hands down.
35. My favorite vacation spot: Switzerland.
36. My favorite exercise: Walking. Or dancing wildly.
37. My favorite sleeping position: On my left side.
38. My favorite time of day: Evening.
39. My favorite sexual position: Nunya.
40. My favorite pickup line: Hi!
41. My favorite charity: Rebuilding Together (formerly Christmas in April). Or The Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.
42. My favorite blogger: I love them all equally, just like my imaginary children.
43. My favorite newspaper: This is a trap. I would have to answer "the one I work for".
44. My favorite cartoon: "King of the Hill," I tell you whut.
45. My favorite superhero: Mighty Mouse. "Here I come to save the day!"
46. My favorite person: How can I pick one?
47. My favorite plant: Bouganvilla.
48. My favorite Star Fleet Captain: Jean Luke.
49. My favorite blond(e): I'm not crazy about blondes.
50. My favorite saying: "To everything there is a season."


TECH said...

I nearly chose Super Chicken as my favorite superhero, but went with the traditional ones finally.

Larry said...

How's Trix....hehehehe

I'm going to seal this.....lolol

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